Police, State

Annual crime report, homicide, domestic violence

Asset seizure, law enforcement agencies, seizure by

Custodial interrogations, require electronic recording of statements

Department of Kentucky State Police forensic laboratory fund

Disabled or killed, tuition benefits for spouse and children

Driver's manual, Kentucky State Police to make available

Drivers trapped in floods, liability for costs of rescue

Drivers with autism spectrum disorder, informational envelope, provided for

Fatal traffic accidents, mandatory investigation of

Firearms, assault weapon registration

Firearms, comprehensive regulation of

First Responder Recognition Day, designation of

Hiring preference, eligible veterans, discharged LGBTQ veterans, amended to include

Immigration laws, enforcement of, requiring

Law enforcement officer, obstruction of body-worn camera by

Marijuana, decriminalization of less than one ounce of

Minor cannabis offenses, expungement of

Missing persons reports, search, use of existing resources for

Office of Violence Prevention, establishment of

Officers killed in line of duty, transportation of

Operator's license testing, interactions with law enforcement, driver's manual to include

Operator's license, vision testing upon renewal

Personal communication device, use by driver, prohibiting

Personal communication device, use by driver, prohibition

Professional certification, extension

Public safety telecommunicators, categorization in Standard Occupational Classification system

Pursuit policy, requirement for

Shooting of an individual by a law enforcement officer or deadly incident, investigation of

Special law enforcement officers, background check for commissioning of

State/Executive Branch Budget

Suicide, determination by autopsy, investigation upon family member request

Youth serving organization volunteer, background check for

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