Alcoholic beverages, administrative and enforcement fee on certain sales of

Ambulance service assessment revenue fund, create

Appropriation to Kentucky Employees Retirement Trust Fund

Appropriations, technical corrections

Assault weapons, buyback program

Asset seizure, late filing fee paid by law enforcement agency

Bowling Green Veterans Center, design and preconstruction

Cabinet for Health and Family Services, funding, establish

Cannabis regulation fund, creation of

Cannabis revenue, KERS nonhazardous and TRS pensions, funding for

Consolidated emergency services district, participation in

Constitutional amendment, General Assembly, budget special session, compensation suspended

Department of Kentucky State Police forensic laboratory fund

Direct Health Care Services and Research Facilities Operations Loan

Evidence-based decisions

Finance and Administration Cabinet, non-governmental employees on task force, reimbursement of

Finance and Administration Cabinet, reimburse non-govermental employee on policymaking task force

Fines for animal-drawn vehicle with animal shoes, to road fund

Fines for open dumping and littering

Firefighters, Firefighters Foundation Program Fund, mental health training and treatment

Guardians ad litem and court-appointed counsel, fees for

Highway construction procurement audit, Department of Highways reimbursement for

Insulin assistance program, insulin assistance fund

Judicial Branch Budget

Justice Cabinet, in-service training requirement, emergency vehicle operation

KCTCS, endowment match fund, $3 million annually

KEDFA loan, public medical center

KEDFA loan, public medical center, rural hospitals

Kentucky addiction prevention, recovery, and enforcement fund

Kentucky all-payer claim database fund, establishing

Kentucky Cattlemen's Association special license plate, appropriation of EF fees for

Kentucky Center for Cannabis Research, establish

Kentucky Civil War site preservation fund

Kentucky Eating Disorder Fund, directs spending

Kentucky Mental Health First Aid Training fund, creating

Kentucky Retirement Systems, liability-based contributions for KERS employers

Legislative Branch Budget

Local cannabis regulation fund, creation of

Local health departments, funding, establish

Medicinal cannabis program, local medicinal cannabis trust fund

Medicinal cannabis program, medicinal cannabis trust fund

Medicinal marijuana program, local medicinal marijuana trust fund

Medicinal marijuana program, medicinal marijuana trust fund

Mining performance bonds, distribution of funds from penalties

Optometry Scholarship Program fund, creation of

Passing stopped school bus, cited by police, criminal citation funds

Passing stopped school bus, recorded by camera, civil penalty funds

Pension income exclusion, retroactively raise

Promise zone teacher scholarship fund, creation of

Radon mitigation and control fund, allow moneys to be used

Roll call vote, requirement for

Rural hospital operations and facilities revolving loan fund

School resource officer and school counselor fund

Social equity loan program trust fund, establishment of

Special license plates, extra fees, distribution of

Sponsorships of facilities and vehicles, utilization of maintenance account within the road fund

State/Executive Branch Budget

STEM teacher promise zone scholarship fund, creation of

Student mental health assessment, school utilization of

Transportation Cabinet Budget

Unbudgeted federal funds

Veterinary Contract Spaces Program trust fund, creation of

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