Alcoholic beverages, administrative and enforcement fee on certain sales of

Assault weapons, registration of

Cannabis licensees, creation of

Casino gaming, licensing fees for

Commercial Mobile Radio Service fees, collection, use, and accounting of

County clerks, recording of various documents

Disabled veterans' license plate fees, waiving of

Elected officials, increase or decrease of statutory fee rates permitted up to maximum fee rate

Elected officials, reduction of statutory service fee rates permitted, fee rate schedule required

Enhanced vapor product, retailer or manufacturer of

Fantasy contests, license renewal fee for

Fantasy contests, license renewal for

Fees for motor vehicle operator's licenses and identification cards, waiver for disabled veterans

Lifeline CMRS service charge, prohibit collection from end user

Massage therapy licensure, promulgation of administrative regulations for

Medicaid ambulance service provider assessment, create

Online poker, gaming fee

Online poker, gaming fee on

Real estate appraiser licensees and educators, various fees for

Retailer or manufacturer of enhanced vapor product, registration for

Special purpose governmental entities, public use airports, administrative fees

Sports wagering, licensing of

Vapor product enhanced cartridge retailer or manufacturer, registration fee for

Virtual high school completion programs, allowing fees for

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