Fiscal Note

Abortion reporting requirements, audit of

Abortion services, government payments to entities referring for/counseling in favor of, prohibition

Advanced practice registered nurses, requirements of

Airport noise mitigation, income tax credit for

Alcoholic beverages, shipment of

Animal control officers, Department of Agriculture, continuing education

Annual cost of living adjustment

Apprenticeship fund, establishment

Appropriated funds, recovery of

Appropriation to pay claims against the Commonwealth

Asset Resolution Corporation, powers of

Asset seizure, law enforcement agencies, seizure by

Assisted-living communities, certification

Baby products and diapers, exemption of

Blockchain Technology Working Group, application of

bowling Green Veterans Center, design and preconstruction

Branch budget bills, technical correction

Branch budget recommendations

Commercial sponsorships of facilities and vehicles, implementation of

County clerks, fees for recording various documents

Department of Kentucky State Police forensic laboratory fund

Disabled veterans' license plate fees, waiving of

Dual credit tuition rate ceiling, amount of

Economic development, changes to tax credits

Elections, voter identification and issuance of personal identification card, omnibus bill on

Electric vehicle supply equipment, tax credit for

Estimate of revenue loss, tax expenditures, including within

Exemption for disaster response buisness

Fees for motor vehicle operator's licenses and identification cards, waiver for disabled veterans

Felony mediation, allow victim to request

Fertilizer and pesticide, storage, use, application of

Financial literacy course, require appropriate certification for

Fiscal notes, bills and amendments containing tax expenditures, requirement

Foster or adopted children, tuition waiver

Helicopter hangar, city of Madisonville, appropriation

Highway funding, omnibus revisions

Homestead exemption, owners who are 65 or older, proposed constitutional amendment

Human organ donation, income tax deduction established

Individual income, pension income exclusion

Individual income tax, gender-neutral language

Insurance premiums tax, growth fund tax credit, establishment of

KCTCS, endowment match fund, creation of

KEDFA loan, public medical center

Kentucky affordable housing tax credit, creation of

Kentucky CommunicationsNetwork Authority, wholesale network access in unserved areas

Kentucky Department of Education, arts instruction, providing resources and guidance for

Kentucky Retirement Systems, seperate CERS from KRS governance

KHEAA, promise zone, STEM and special education teacher loan forgiveness program, creation of

KLEPF supplement for certain employees

Legislators' Retirement Plan, prospectively adjust benefits for legislators.

Line of duty, disability benefits, adjustment of

Local board of education, public charter school authorizer training, restriction on

Local government, parks and playgrounds, accessibility requirements

Local health departments, funding, establish

Long-term antibiotic therapy, Lyme disease

Louie B. Nunn Cumberland Expressway, name change

Manufactured or mobile homes, requirements to transfer title or ownership of

Marijuana, decriminalization of less than one ounce of

Medical schools, faculty contracts, physician non-compete clauses, exceptions

New tire fee, application of

Outpatient pharmacy benefits, direct administration by Department for Medcaid Services

Pension income exclusion, retroactively raise

Postsecondary property and equipment, requirements to sell or dispose

Probation program credits, creation of

Property tax, veteran service organization, exemption

Purely public charity supportive services, leaseholds in residential property units, tax exemption

Recovery Residence Task Force, establish

Reemployment after retirement, restrictions on part-time adjunct instructors

Rural hospital operations and facilities revolving loan fund

Rural hospital organization donation tax credit

Sales and use tax

Sales and use tax, feminine hygiene products, exemption of

Sales and use tax, gender-neutral language

Scholarship tax credit, creation of

School bus stop arm cameras

SEEK formula, state per pupil amount, adjustment to

Selling farmer tax credit

Solemn Covenant of the States to Award Prizes for Curing Diseases Interstate Compact, enacting

State employees, annual increment, consumer price index, use of

State minimum wage, increase

State parks, centennial celebration, anniversary

State pharmacy benefit manager, Medicaid managed care, established

State tax equalization, delete commissioner approval for

Student mental health assessment, school utilization of

Taxation, excise, sales and use, income, update of

Technical correction

Tobacco products tax, increase

Tobacco products tax, vapor products

Totally disabled veterans, homestead exemption application waiver for surviving unremarried spouse

Treatment of opioid or alcohol use disorder, utilization reviews, prohibition

Unbudgeted federal funds

University of Kentucky, Kentucky Center for Cannabis Research, establish

University of Louisville, Direct Health Care Services and Research Facilities Operations Loan

Vapor products tax

Veterinary Contract Spaces Program, creation of

Voluntary preceptor tax credit for Kentucky physicians, creation

Volunteer firefighters, tax credit for

Wastewater services, courthouses, fiscal court authorization

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