Hospitals and Nursing Homes

Assisted-living communities, certification

Certificate of need, elimination of

Contracts with insurers, required provisions of

Controlled Substance Prescribing Review and Enforcement Advisory Council, establishing

Coronavirus, access preparedness

Disclosures, air ambulance services

Disposition of fetal remains, informing parents of rights

Fetal remains, disposition of

Grants for human services professionals safety, urge the Secretary to apply for

Health care facilities, safety assessments

Health care referral practices, prohibition of

Health services, technical correction

Home and community-based waiver programs, administrative regulations

Hospitals and surgeons, create low-volume requirement

Hospitals and surgical centers, guidance for

Informed consent, medical examinations

KEDFA loan, rural hospitals

Kentucky Eating Disorder Council, establishment of

Kentucky Emergency Preparedness Task Force, establish

Kentucky Hospital Association, reopening guidelines developed by

Life-prolonging treatment of a minor, withholding of, informing parents

Long-term care administrators, temporary permit, extension

Long-term care, civil actions, optional procedures for

Long-term-care, civil actions, optional procedures for

Long-term-care staffing ratios, implementation of

Lower Health Care Costs Act, urging enactment of

Maternal mortality and morbidity, prevention of

Medicaid payments, reporting and reimbursing

Medicaid state plan benefit, application process for

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, task force, creation of

Newborn safety device, permitting

Newborn screening, spinal muscular atrophy, adding

Nonprofit healthcare conversion transactions, requirements for

Nurse aides, veterans center employment, inclusion of

Nursing homes, providing cosmetic services in

Office of Violence Prevention, establishment of

Patient safety culture survey, hospitals to conduct

Patient-directed care, end of life

Plans for reopening business, approval of

Plant-based food options in hospitals, requirement of

Programs to improve health care, encourage creation of

Purely public charity supportive services, leaseholds in residential property units, tax exemption

Rural hospitals, reimbursement models

Sexual assault, examinations, directing reports

Sexual assault nurse examiner, 24 hours on duty at hospitals, require

Smoke evacuation systems, requiring the use of

State/Executive Branch Budget

Task force, legislative, PANDAS and PANS

Task Force on Services for Persons with Brain Injuries, establish

Transportation, hospital and psychiatric facility, voluntary

Treatment, discrimination, acts of conscience

Treatment, discrimination against employees for acts of conscience

Veterans center nursing staff, midpoint salary restriction, removal of

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