Airport noise mitigation, income tax credit for

Bank franchise tax, scholarship tax credit, creation of

Cannabis cultivation facility, excise tax, imposition of

Cannabis, set rates for

Casinos, admissions tax on

Casinos, gaming tax on

Chapter 75 fire districts, ambulance service in area with ambulance service district, offset of tax

Cigarette tax, increase

Community Property Trust Act, creation of

Comprehensive tax reform

Consolidated emergency services district, provisions for

Departmental Web site, public information on property taxes, provision for

Estimated tax purposes, interest, application of

Excise tax, tobacco products, rate increase

Fire districts and subdistricts, emergency ambulance service, provision of

Growth fund tax credit, establishment of

Human organ donation, income tax deduction established

Income tax, certified rehabilitation tax credit cap, expansion of

Income tax, deduction for student loan debt paid by employer

Income tax, Endow Kentucky tax credit cap, expansion of

Income tax, exemption for centenarians

Income tax, qualified employer loan payment credit, creation of

Income tax, selling farmer tax credit

Income tax, voluntary environmental remediation tax credit, expansion

Individual income, pension income exclusion

Individual income tax, deduction for military pensions

Individual income tax, electric vehicle supply equipment, tax credit for

Individual income tax, tax credit, stillbirths, creation of

Individual income tax, voluntary preceptor credit for Kentucky physicians, creation

Individual, military pensions, income tax deduction for

Insurance premiums tax, growth fund tax credit, establishment of

KBI program, minimum weekly wage, requiring

Kentucky affordable housing tax credit for income taxes, creation of

Kentucky affordable housing tax credit for insurance taxes, creation of

License tax, exemption for centenarians

Limited liability entity tax, increase

Medicinal cannabis program, establishment

Medicinal marijuana program, establishment

Natural resource severance tax, transportation deduction, elimination of

Natural resources severance tax, processing of limestone, loading or unloading

Pari-mutuel tax, two-day international horse racing event exclusions, limitation of

Pension income exclusion, retroactively raise

Property tax exemption, veterans' service organizations, proposed constitutional amendment

Property tax, rate increase, school resource officer and school counselor fund

Property tax, veteran service organization, exemption

Roll call vote, requirement for

Rural hospital organization donation tax credit

Sales and use, pasture, agricultural, and horticultural land maintenance services, exemption of

Sales and use tax, agriculture exemption number, required, January 1, 2021

Sales and use tax, baby products and diapers, exemption of

Sales and use tax, certain pet transfer or adoption fees, exemption of

Sales and use tax, communications equipment, exemption of

Sales and use tax, construction contractor, exemption

Sales and use tax, drugs for agricultural animals, exemption of

Sales and use tax, feminine hygiene products, exemption of

Sales and use tax, incontinence products, exempt

Sales and use tax, increase to eight percent (8%)

Sales and use tax, rebates

Sales and use tax, small animal veterinary services, exemption of

Sales and use tax, technical correction

Scholarship tax credit, creation of

Severance tax, transportation expense deduction, elimination of

Special purpose governmental entities, review of fee and ad valorem tax increases, requiring

Sports wagering, excise tax on

Sports wagering tax, allocation of

Sports wagering, taxation of

Tax Expenditure Oversight Board, establishment of

Taxable activity, marijuana possession, personal use quantity exemption

Technical correction

Tobacco products tax, increase

Tobacco products tax, vapor products

Tobacco taxes, rate increase

Vapor products tax, impose

Volunteer firefighters, income tax credit for

Wagering, taxation on

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