Reports Mandated

Abortion reporting audit, report

Account-granting organizations, EOA program, student demographic reporting

Active certified volunteer firefighter tax credit, annual report

Advisory council, PANS and PANDAS, establishment

Angel investor tax credit, Department of Revenue

Board of Medical Licensure, streamline occupational licenses for veterans, report

Cabinet for Economic Development, reports required

Cabinet for Economic Development, workforce needs, report

Cabinet for Health and Family Services, Medicaid waiver, family planning services

Cabinet for Health and Family Services, waiver application, utilization review

Commission on Military Affairs, streamline occupational licenses for veterans, report

Commissioner of education, strategic assessment and accountability committee findings, to IJCE

Commissioner of Insurance, pharmacy benefit managers, annual report

Controlled Substance Prescribing Review and Enforcement Advisory Council, annual

Department of Corrections, annually to Legislative Research Commission

Department of Insurance, contraceptive coverage

Department of Insurance, prescriptions for addiction treatment

Department of Revenue, development area tax credit

Department of Revenue, Education Opportunity Account Program

Department of Revenue, exemption totals

Department of Revenue, natural resources severance tax credit report

Department of Revenue, telecommunications equipment, sales and use tax refund

Department of Revenue, University of Kentucky, well-managed forestlands, property tax assessments

Department of Veterans' Affairs, veteran access to mental healthcare, report

Department of Veterans' Affairs, veterans' access to healthcare, report

Effect of administrative regulations, study

EOA program, AGO reporting requirements

Gang sctivity, chsnged or convictions relating to

Individual income tax, home modification credit

Individual-directed care, end of life

Infant Mortality Task Force, establish

Insulin manufacturers, urgent-need and continuing access to insulin programs, requirement

Insurance commissioner, pharmacy benefit managers, annual report

Kentucky affordable housing tax credit, annual reports

Kentucky Department of Education, technical advisory committee, report

Legislative committees, names correction

Local effort transfer for nonresident students, Kentucky Department of Education, requirement

Maternal mortality and doula program, Cabinet for Health and Family Services, data

Maternal mortality, Cabinet for Health and Family Services, data

Medicaid pharmacy benefits, independent monitoring

Nonresident student funding, Kentucky Department of Education, due date

Protection notification centers, locate requests reports

Rural growth fund tax credit and program, Department of Revenue to report on

School districts, report on healthy relationship instruct to the Department of Education, biennially

Sexual assault, examinations, directing reports

Student discipline report, public postsecondary education institutions, required contents

Student loan ombudsman, annual report

Student loan servicers, annual report to commissioner

Unemployment insurance, domestic or dating violence, sexual assault, or stalking

Unemployment insurance, trust fund and wage review

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