Police, State

Active duty police officer, income exclusion

Assault on, increased penalty

Basic training course, hate crimes

Catalytic converter register, request for information

CDL testing, expired license exemption, time frame

Certification, training for mental illnesses and disorders

Child dependency, neglect, or abuse reports, requirements

Commercial driver's license, skills testing, allowed for nonresidents

Confiscated firearms, required destruction

Crisis aversion and rights retention order, LINK entry

Critical incident, 48 hours leave

Department of Criminal Justice Training, basic training and in-service training

Department of Criminal Justice Training, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, program approval

Department of Criminal Justice Training, virtual training of peace officers, requirement

Disabled, postsecondary tuition

DNA provided for elimination purposes, inclusion in database, prohibition

Employment contracts, reimbursement for training

Federal firearm ban, state and local government, enforcement prohibition

First Responder, Doctor, Nurse, and Health Care Professional Recognition Day, recognition of

Forensic laboratory, testing before pretrial release, conditions

Fortner, Captain Dale, memorial highway designation, Grant County

Gambling devices, regulation

Hiring preference, eligible veterans, discharged LGBTQ veterans, inclusion

Immigration laws, enforcement of, requiring

Intentional unauthorized capture of photographic or videographic images by a first responder

Justice and Public Safety Cabinent, Department of Kentucky State Police, independent agency

Kentucky Law Enforcement Council, appointments

Kentucky State Police Commission, commissioner of the Kentucky State Police, appointment

Kentucky vehicle registration database, operator may have a communication disorder, designation

License to carry concealed deadly weapons, age requirement

Mandatory training subjects, animal abuse and offenses against people

Operator's license testing, expired license exemption, time frame

Peace officer certification, prohibition, sexual offenses

Personal communication device, use by driver, prohibition

Policy and procedures manual, reporting of hate crimes

Public employees, labor organizations, authorization required to withhold dues or fees from earnings

Reimbursement, expenses incurred due to response to false report

Retirement, cost-of-living adjustment for retired troopers

Retirement System, Tier 2 retirement benefits for members

Seized or recovered firearms, reporting procedures

State troopers, base salaries, increasing

State/Executive Branch Budget

Telecommunicator, definition

Telecommunicators, PTSD training and resources

Trooper R and CVE R Classes, benefits

Unauthorized capture of photographic or videographic images by a first responder

Uniform smoking citations, distribution to health departments

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