Ambulance services, Cabinet for Health and Family Services, responsibilities

Amusement rides and attractions, designated inspectors, registration and fee

Automated speed enforcement in highway work zones pilot program

Bouncers, security, training, public safety, Dept. of Alcoholic Beverage Control

Buses, risk reduction program, implementation

Dog or cat in vehicle, removal, civil immunity

Electrical contractors, electrical inspections

Electrical engineering, pier distribution systems

Elevator mechanic, temporary license, renewal

Emergency medical services, Cabinet for Health and Family Services, responsibilities

Engineering, surveying, licensing, technical correction

Gender transition procedures, children, prohibition

Kratom products, consumer protections, establishment

Medical spas, requirements, operation

Military and peace officer, hunter education course, live fire-exercise, exemption

Natural gas transmission pipelines, planning and zoning, notification, developer and operator

Occupational health and safety of employees, violation penalties, increase

Optometrists, medical spa requirements

Plumbing, licensing, gender-neutral language

Safe boating certificates, requirement, delayed enforcement

Safe boating certification, personal watercraft and motorboats, requirements

School resource officer, school service area, option

School resource officers, full-time on-site, requirement

School resource officers, requirement

State park rangers, statewide police powers

Statewide mobile food units, standards

Swimming pools, residential, standards and requirements

Tax credit for security modifications

Temporary elevator mechanic license, requirements

Trichloroethylene, prohibition, permitted air contaminant sources

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