Taxation, Property

Agricultural or horticultural property, conversion charge

Assessment of property, use of asking price, prohibition

Certificates of delinquency, mass foreclosure process, counties

Certificates of delinquency, taxpayer notification requirements

Delinquencies, county attorney fees, collection enforcement

Disabled veterans, homestead exemption, proposed constitutional amendment

Distilled spirits, technical correction, Department of Revenue's name

Fire district's emergency ambulance service, property owners, taxation option

Homestead exemption, owners who are 65 or older, proposed constitutional amendment

Installment payment program

Merchant electric generating facility, agricultural or horticultural land valuation, exclusion

Motor vehicle, exemption

Motor vehicle tax rate, reduction

Motor vehicle valuation, exemption

Motor vehicle valuation requirements, five percent limitation

Motor vehicle valuation requirements, personal use

Motor vehicle valuation standards, average trade-in value requirement

Motor vehicle valuation standards, tax exemption

Motor vehicles, exemption

Motor vehicles, personal use, exemption

Online tangible personal property tax system

Personal aircraft, exemption

Prefabricated home inventory exemption

Property assessments, appraisal method requirements

Property tax, property assessments, real property definition

Qualified heavy equipment, tax rate reduction, elimination

Quarterly installment payment program

Real property assessments, valuation standards

Special purpose governmental entities, tax and fee approval, inclusion within statutory ranges

Special purpose governmental entities, tax and fee approval, refunds

State tax rate level, fixed

Tax Expenditure and Economic Development Incentive Review Board, establishment, duties

Technical correction

Unmined minerals, rare earth elements

Well-managed forestlands, property tax assessment procedures, recommendations, report

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