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Administrative Regulations and Proceedings

Board of Education, academic standards for African and Native American instruction

Board of Education, healthy relationship instruction

Board of Education, interscholastic athletics, eligibility based on biological sex, regulations

Board of Pharmacy, Urgent-Need and Continuing Access to Insulin Programs

Cabinet for Health and Family Services, assisted living community, personal care home, licensure

Commissioner, Department of Financial Institutions, establishment of supervision fees

Commissioner, Department of Financial Institutions, student loan servicing

Commissioner, financial institutions, special purpose depository institutions, regulation

Department for Medicaid Services, doula services

Department of Criminal Justice Training, constable certification

Department of Insurance, essential health benefits definition

Department of Insurance, Kentucky all-payer claims database, penalty for noncompliance

Extended producer responsibility, saolid waste management, requirements

Licensed professional counselors, interstate compact

Occupational license, initial and renewal fee, exemption for military spouses

Office of Health Data and Analytics, Kentucky all-payer claims database, administration

Ophthalmic dispenser license renewal fee, regulation to establish

Transportation Cabinet, homeless services, operator's licenses and personal IDs, issuance procedures

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