Bill Request 334

Title AN ACT relating to the Licensed Professional Counseling Compact.
Bill Documents Original
Sponsors N. Kirk-McCormick
Summary of Original Version Create a new section within KRS Chapter 335.500 to 335.599 to declare the purpose of the Licensed Professional Counseling Compact; establish definitions; establish requirements for states that want to enter the compact; recognize a multistate licensure privilege to practice for licensed professional counselors; establish provisions for active duty military personnel or their spouses; recognize a multistate licensure privilege to practice for licensed professional counselors in any member state via telehealth; establish procedures for adverse actions a home and member state can take against a licensed professional counselor; create the Counseling Compact Commission; establish and elect an executive committee; provide immunity for party states, officers, employees, or representatives of the commission who act in accordance with the compact; require the commission to create, maintain, operate and use a coordinated database and reporting system containing, licensure, adverse actions, and investigative information on all licensed individuals in member states; establish procedures for rulemaking; authorize the commission to attempt to resolve disputes related to the compact that arise among member states and between member and non-member states; allow the compact to go into effect on the date the compact is enacted into law in the tenth member state; establish withdrawal procedures for a member state that withdraws from the compact; provide severability for any provision in the compact that is contrary to the constitution of any party state or of the United States or the applicability to any government, agency, person, or circumstance.
Index Headings Interstate Cooperation - Counseling compact, establishment
Licensing - Licensed professional counselors, interstate compact
Occupations and Professions - Licensed professional counselors, interstate compact
Administrative Regulations and Proceedings - Licensed professional counselors, interstate compact
Advisory Boards, Commissions, and Committees - Counseling Compact Commission, establishment
Compacts, Interstate - Licensed professional counselors


09/09/21 Prefiled by the sponsor(s).

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