Bill Request 99

Title AN ACT relating to consumer protections in health insurance.
Bill Documents Original
Sponsors P. Minter
Summary of Original Version Create a new section of Subtitle 17A of KRS Chapter 304 to define terms; establish health-status eligibility rules for health benefit plans in any market; prohibit requiring a greater premium or contribution, or different benefits coverage, on the basis of any health status-related factor; prohibit pre-existing condition exclusions; require coverage for essential health benefits; prohibit insurers from establishing lifetime or annual limits on essential health benefits; require coverage for dependent children until age 26; prohibit adjustment of premium or contribution amounts for group health plans on the basis of genetic information; require the commissioner of insurance to define essential health benefits; establish when the section controls; establish opt-in for health plans not otherwise required to comply with requirements of section; establish that the section applies to health benefit plans and health plan opt-ins on or after the date as established under that section; amend various statutes to conform; amend KRS 18A.225 and 164.2871 to require the state employee health plan and state postsecondary education institution self-insured employer group health plans to comply with Section 1 of the Act.
Index Headings Education, Higher - State postsecondary education institution self-insured employer plans, health plan coverage
Federal Laws and Regulations - Health benefit plan coverage, parity with federal law
Insurance, Health - Health benefit plans, health benefits coverage
Insurance, Health - Health benefit plans, insurance eligibility and parity requirements, health status-related factors
State Employees - State employee health plan, health plan coverage
Administrative Regulations and Proceedings - Department of Insurance, essential health benefits definition


12/09/21 Prefiled by the sponsor(s).

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