Short Titles and Popular Names

Ava Grace Jenkins Law

Baby Dre Gun Safety Act

Ballot Access for All Citizens Act

Ban the Box-The Criminal Record Employment Discrimination Act

Bella Dawn Streeval Law

Benjamin Stidham Act

Candace Metten Act

Christopher's Law

Coal Fly Ash Act of 2022

Community and First Responder Protection Act

Conservatorship Advocacy to Remove Exploitation (C.A.R.E.) Act

C.R.O.W.N. Act

Dalton's Law

Defend the Guard Act

Digital Identification Act

Dylan's Law

Education Non Discrimination Act, END Act

Emily's Law

Employee Child-Care Assistance Partnership

Ensuring Fair Sewer Charges Act

Erin's Law

EV Vehicle Road Usage Tax Act

Fair Maps Act

Fairness in Womens' Sports Act

Frank Huffman Act

Fred Capps Act

Genetic Information Privacy Act

Humanity in Healthcare Act of 2022

Insurance and Related Innovation Sandbox Law

Jared Lee Helton Act of 2022

Jeff Tyler Act

Kami's Law

Keeney's Rights Act

Kentucky Buy American Act

Kentucky Campus Due Process Protection Act

Kentucky Competes Act

Kentucky Death with Dignity Act

Kentucky Early Career Teachers Act

Kentucky Our Care, Our Options Act

Kentucky Product Development Initiative Act

Kentucky Rebate Reform Model Act

Kentucky Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny (REINS) Act

Kentucky Rural Jobs Act of 2022

Kentucky Student Tuition Protection and Accountability Act

Kentucky Transparency and Health Care Pricing Act of 2022

Kentucky True Origin of Digital Goods and Truth in Muscial Advertising Act

Kentucky True Origin of Digital Goods and Truth in Musical Advertising Act

Kentucky Utility Token Act

Kentucky's Children Deserve Help Not Harm Act

Lifeliner's Act

Lily's Law

Living Organ and Bone Marrow Donor Assistance Act of 2022

Margaret M. Poore Lung Cancer Screening Act

Mary Carol Akers Birth Centers Act

Maternal Care Act for Implicit Bias

Micah Shantell Fletcher Law

Nathan's Law

New Voices Act

Parents' Rights Protection Act

Phone-Down Kentucky Act

Play Fair Kentucky Act

Protecting DNA Privacy Act

Save Women’s Sports Act

Shauna's Law

Stop Outside Influence Over Elections Act of 2022

Student Education Loan Servicing, Licensing, and Protection Act of 2022

Teaching American Principles Act

Telecommunicator, definition

Terrence's Law

The Read to Succeed Act

Unemployment Insurance Sustainability Act of 2022

Uniform Public Expression Protection Act

Wyatt's Act

Youth Mental Health Protection Act

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