Technical Corrections

Abandoned storage tanks and orphan well reclamation, grammatical and technical corrections

Abortion-inducing drug reporting, reference correction

Agriculture, gender-neutral language

Alcoholic beverage licensee requirements

Alcoholic beverages, licensee fines

Attorney General, gender-neutral language

Bank deposits of minors, gender-neutral language

Branch budget bills, technical correction

Branch budget recommendations

Budget recommendation

Cabinet for Health and Family Services, addition of gender-neutral language

Cabinet for Health and Family Services, gender-neutral language

Claims against the Commonwealth, appropriation of funds

Commonwealth Office of Technology, geographic information clearinghouse

Condemnation of property, gender-neutral language

Consumer loan licensees, permitted loan charges

Definitions, addition of gender-neutral language

Department for Libraries and Archives, name

Department of Financial Institutions, examinations, gender-neutral language

Department of Insurance, executive director, removal of reference

Department of Revenue

Disaster relief, National Guard

Economic Development, board, technical changes, gender-neutraility

Economic development, gender-neutrality


Elections, gender-neutral language

Electronic titling and registration system, filing procedures

Firearms, formatting of text

Gender neutral language, inclusion

Gender-neutral language

Gender-neutral language, inclusion

Gender-neutral language, insert

Gender-neutral language, insertion

HB 106/HCS 1

HB 136/HCS 1

HB 137/SCS 1

HB 154

HB 284

HB 297/SCS 1

HB 370/HCS1

HB 607/HCS 1

HB 607/SCS 1

HB 643

HB 745


HCR 112

Health care providers, addition of gender-neutral language

Health insurance definitions, removal of erroneous citation

Insurance regulatory statutes, technical corrections

Juvenile court, gender-neutral language, inclusion

Kentucky Board of Pharmacy

Kentucky Model Procurement Code

Kentucky Public Pensions Authority, statement of facts

Medicaid services, addition of gender-neutral language

Mental health programs, gender-neutral language

Mentally ill, hospitalization, addition of gender-neutral language

Motion pictures, tax credit

Motion Pictures, tax credit

Motor vehicle registration, gender-neutral language

National Multistate Licensing and Registry, update references

Oil and gas lease avoidance, make gender-neutral

Oil and gas permit applicants, conference with KRS Chapter 350 permitees, gender-neutral language

Park rangers, technical changes

Payment of tax

Persistent felony offender

Personnel Board, gender-neutral language

Personnel Cabinet, gender-neutral language

Personnel Cabinet, secretary, gender-neutral language

Plumbing, licensing, gender-neutral language

Property taxation, distilled spirits, Department of Revenue's name

Public or status offense, gender-neutral language

Real property tax roll

Reinsurance treaties and contracts, gender-neutral language

Resisting arrest, gender-neutral language

SB 113/GA

SB 167/SCS 1

SB 272

SB 49/SCS 1



Sex offender, registered, provision of information


State employees

Tornado relief

Tourism, gender-neutral language

Unauthorized allotment obligations

Uniform Commercial Code, technical corrections

Veterans, parks and campgrounds

Well plugging fund, grammatical and technical corrections

West Kentucky State Aid Funding for Emergencies

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