General Assembly

Adjournment, 2023 Session until February 7, 2023

Adjournment, 2023 Session until March 29, 2023

Adjournment, sine die

Administrative bodies, administrative regulation nullification

Alvarado, Senator Ralph, retirement, honoring

Board of Pharmacy, administrative regulation, nullification

Branch budget recommendation, requirements

Cannabis, regulation

Cannabis, regulation, medical purposes

Capitol campus, areas allocated to legislative branch

Committee for impeachment proceedings, Richard Boling

Committee for impeachment proceedings, Ronnie Lee Goldy, Jr.

Committee on Constitutional Enforcement, establishment

Committees, Government Contract Review

Constitutional amendment, ballot initiatives, establishment of right of the people to propose

Constitutionality or validity, challenge, intervention

Country Music Highway, designations, joint resolution requirement

Department for Medicaid Services, program coverage, administrative regulation nullification

Directive to Governor, certification to EPA of Kentucky Board of Radon Safety

Education and labor Cabinet, employer-employee relationship, nullification of 803 KAR 1:006

Elected officials, historic numbers, General Assembly, recognizing

Ethical misconduct, prohibited behavior

Facial recognition technology, use as evidence before legislative committee, prohibition

Filing deadline for candidates seeking public office, change

Grate, Jonathan, honoring

House of Representatives, committee to wait upon the Governor, appointing

House of Representatives, membership

House of Representatives, Rules, adoption

House, pastors, invitation

Infant Mortality Task Force, establishment

Interim joint committees, outdated references in statutes, corrections

Intervention, challenge action, time limit

Jail and Corrections Reform Task Force

Juvenile Justice, oversight council, membership

Juvenile Justice Task Force, creation

Kentucky Product Development Initiative, eligibility, changes

Legislative Oversight and Investigations Committee, technical correction

Legislators' Retirement Plan, close plan to new members, transfer cash balance members to KERS

McGarvey, Congressman Morgan, honoring

Public Pensions Administration Advisory Committee, establishment

Reports mandated, Interim Joint Committee on Appropriations and Revenue, reports mandated

Rules of Procedure, Impeachment Proceedings

School fiscal impact statement, legislation, requirement

Senate, committee to wait upon the Governor, appointment

Senate, membership

Senate, pastors, invitation

Senate, Rules, adoption

Senate, Rules, amendment

Statutes, common law construction provision, removal

Statutes, liberal construction requirement, removal

Task Force on Local Government Annexation

Task force to examine military occupational experience for occupational licensure

Tax Expenditure and Economic Development Incentive Review Board, establishment, duties

Teachers' retirement, service to General Assembly, leave limit prohibition

Tik Tok app, prohibition of use on state devices

TikTok app, prohibition of use on state devices

United States and Kentucky Constitutions, affirmation of commitment

Work group, creation, Department of Juvenile Justice, information and policy

Workers' compensation, special fund, assessment rate, budget

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