Personnel and Employment

Bereavement, vacation and sick leave, death of a child

Classified and unclassified employees, employment provisions, changes

Crime victims, leave from employment

Earned paid sick leave provided by employers, requirement

Education and labor Cabinet, employer-employee relationship, nullification of 803 KAR 1:006

Employee benefits, unpaid family care leave

Employers, mandatory posting of veterans' benefits document

Employment discrimination, requirement of criminal history on job applications, prohibition

Hospitals, treatment, discrimination for acts of conscience

Jail staff in jail facilities, minimum age of persons working

Law enforcement agencies, peace officer, special accommodation certification

Metropolitan correctional services department, employment protections

Military occupational experience for occupational licensure, task force to examine

Occupational licensure, acceptance of military occupational experience, task force to examine

Paid parental leave for employees, employers with 50 or more employees

Personnel Board, confirmation, Marc G. Farris

Personnel Board, confirmation, Mitchel T. Denham

Personnel Board, duties, changes

Personnel Board, technical correction

Personnel Cabinet, secretary, gender-neutral language

Professional employer organization, registration date

Professional employer organizations, registration, unemployment insurance, requirements

School districts, classified personnel, education requirements for employment

Sick and personal leave, required documentation, personal statement

State employees, executive branch, qualifications

State employees, telework

State minimum wage, increase

Teleworking, Personnel Cabinet, study

Unlawful employment practice, inquiry about previous salary

Veterans' benefits and services poster

Wages or wage range, employers to include in any job posting, transparency

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