Universities and Colleges

Admissions, universal application system, proactive admissions pilot program

Art and design college, KEES eligibility

Campus housing, firearm regulation, safe storage

College applications, criminal history questions, ban

Commonwealth Education Continuum, Kentucky Community and Technical College System, member

COVID-19 precautions, student opt-out, medical device, vaccine, and testing requirements

Deadly weapons, postsecondary institutions, concealed carry, repeal

Deadly weapons, postsecondary institutions, power to regulate concealed carry, repeal

Dual credit scholarship, courses, addition

Dual credit scholarship, eligibility

Dual credit scholarship, rate ceiling, increase

Engineering program, ETAC accreditation, acceptance for PPE Examination

First Amendment, institutional policies to protect, limitation of restrictions

Governing boards, student and faculty representation, restrictions on increasing tuition and fee

Hazing, criminal offense, elements

Healthcare programs, student scholarships, institutional incentives, reporting requirements

Innovative Teacher Education Grant Program, affordable teacher preparation

KCTCS, workforce solutions training programs, KEES eligibility

Kentucky College of Art and Design, recognizing

Libraries, sale of electronic literary products by publishers, terms

Lifetime employment contracts, prohibition

Regional universities, establishment of new university in southeastern Kentucky, study

SafeKY, mental health application, creation

Scholarship program, coal-county paramedic

State pension public employees, labor organizations, dues wage withhold, prohibition

State-funded data requests, requirement

Tax dollars, lobbying, prohibition

Teachers' retirement, service credit, makeup days

University hospitals, firearm regulation, prohibition exception

University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service, education, youth, urban agriculture, promotion

University of Kentucky, Kentucky Authority for Educational Television representative

University of Kentucky, KET board membership, removal

University of Louisville, cybersecurity system adoption, recognition

University of Louisville Health, Kentucky Mental Health Safety Center, creation

University of Louisville, Kentucky Mental Health Safety Center, creation

Work Ready Kentucky Scholarship Program, expanded degree program eligibility, education

Work Ready Scholarship, dual credit courses, deletion

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