Children and Minors

Abortion, constitutional amendment, no protected right

Abortion, prohibitions, removal

Abuse and neglect, definition, change

Adopted individual, sibling search, gender-neutral language

Adult-oriented business, location restrictions, protections

Age of consent, increase

Baby-related items, diapers, and feminine hygiene products, sales and use tax, exemption

Behavioral health emergency services, program, mental health services, establish program

Birth certificate, biological sex designation, requirement

Birth certificate, school policy, prohibition

Blueprint for Kentucky's Children, Children's Advocacy Day

Cabinet for Health and Family Services, home visits, assessments

Cabinet for Health and Family Services, prosecution of cases under KRS Chapter 620, notice

Cabinet for Health and Family Services referrals, FAIR teams

Child abuse, mandatory reporting

Child Abuse Prevention Month and Wear Blue Day, recognition

Child Abuse Prevention Month, recognition

Child alleged to have committed a Class B misdemeanor, detention, prohibit

Child Care Assistance Program, eligibility

Child Care Assistance Program, income eligibility

Child Care Provider Appreciation Day, May 12, 2023, recognition

Child custody, standing, nonparents

Child custody, standing, non-parents

Child support, parenting time credit

Child support, responsibility for initial medical expenses, establishment

Child upbringing, contested, court intervention

Child-care centers, radon testing

Citizen juvenile justice review boards, creation

Comprehensive data system, Department of Juvenile Justice

Court referral for truancy cases, court-designated worker

COVID-19 precautions, parent opt-out, medical device, vaccine, and testing requirements

COVID-19 vaccine, not to be required for school attendance

COVID-19 vaccine, prohibition on requirement for school attendance

Crisis receiving and stabilization services, program established, crisis response team

Department of Juvenile Justice, performance review audit

Department of Juvenile Justice, performance review audit, direct

Department of Juvenile Justice, reorganization

Department of Juvenile Justice, reorganize

Department of Juvenile Justice, transfer of juvenile, establishment of basis

Dependent, abused, or neglected children, duty to report, risk of physical or emotional harm

Diabetes, prescribed medication

Divorce, parties with minor children, 60-day requirement

Driving under the influence, restitution, financial support for the child or dependent

Education, youth, urban agriculture, promotion

Educational benefits, veterans and their families, expansion

Educationally unsuitable materials, limiting access

Emergency placement of children, criminal history record check, requirement

Established theatre or dance, gender portrayal, prosecution exception

Family Resource and Youth Services Center Day, proclaiming

Family Resource Centers and Volunteer Services, Department for Community Based Services, administer

Fatality review team, establish

Foster care student toolkit, creation

Foster youth, transitional living support

Gender dysphoria, treatment, children

Gender transition procedures, prohibition

Gender transition related medicine or surgery, parental consent

Gender transition services, persons under age 18 years, liability

Gender transition, treatment, children

Gender-neutral language, inclusion

Hazing, criminal offense, elements

Historical instruction, African and Native American history, requirements

Immunization, exceptions

Incarcerated children, bill of rights

Infant mortality and disparities, awareness

Internet pornography and obscenity, age verification requirement, denial of access

Intoxicating hemp products, person under 21, possession, prohibition

Justice and Public Safety Cabinet, policy planning

Juvenile Justice, oversight council, membership

Juvenile Justice Task Force, creation

Juvenile offenders, threats to safety, urge prompt response

Juvenile, possession, purchase, vapor and tobacco product, penalties

Juvenile services fund in Department of Juvenile Justice, creation

KCHIP, contraceptive coverage

KCHIP, counseling interventions, perinatal depression, coverage requirement

KCHIP, cranial conditions, coverage requirements

KCHIP, hepatitis C virus infection, pregnant and postpartum women, coverage requirement

KCHIP, mental health wellness examination, coverage requirement

KCHIP, positron emission tomography scans, coverage requirement

KCHIP, prescription drugs, postpartum mood disorders, coverage requirement

Kentucky Board of Education, student voting member, addition

Kentucky Children's Health Insurance Program, formulas, coverage requirement

Kentucky Children's Health Insurance Program, injectable epinephrine devices, coverage requirement

Kentucky Children's Health Insurance Program, long-acting reversible contraception, coverage

Kentucky School for the Deaf, Deaf Education Month

KHSAA interscholastic athletics, portable automated external defibrillators, requirement

Kindergarten, full day of attendance

Lactation support and breastfeeding equipment, Medicaid coverage

Lead poisoning treatment, coverage requirement

Learning pods, child-care center, exclusion

Learning pods, family child-care home, exclusion

Legislative committee on Families and Children, reorganization

Legislative committee on Health Services, reorganization

Medicaid benefits for youth in juvenile detention

Mental health application, availability

Military Interstate Children's Compact Commission, correction of citation

Minors as parties, emergency protective orders, domestic violence orders

Minors as parties, interpersonal protective orders

Multiple eligible felonies, expungement, eligibility

Multiple felony expungement petitions, authorization

Office for Children with Special Health Care Needs, Department for Public Health

Office for Children with Special Health Care Needs, Department for Public Health, administer

Office of the Attorney General, child support enforcement program

Office of the Attorney General, child support enforcement program, administer

Out-of-home placement, requirements

Parental consent, health and mental healthcare

Parental depression screenings, coverage, requirement

Parental rights, protection

Parental rights, public education

Parental rights, public schools

Parent's death or disability caused by driver under the influence, child support

Perinatal care, advisory committee, establishment

Postnatal items, sales and use tax, exemption

Preschool, eligible three and four year olds, school districts to provide

Privacy rights, local board of education, policies to protect

Probation violations, probationary period, requirements

Proposed constitutional amendment, educational costs outside public schools

Protection, adult performance, compliance requirements

Public offenses, background checks, purchase of firearms, no confidentiality requirement

Public schools, common comprehensive reading program, requirement

Public schools, federal accountability requirements, urging expansion

Residential pediatric recovery center, Medicaid state plan amendment, requirement

Restitution, child support, enforcement by local office

Restitution, child support, enforcement by local office or county attorney

Rights, public schools

Sales and use tax, diapers, exemption

School AED Fund, establishment

School classroom removal, procedures

School discipline, assaults at school, employee leave benefits and rights, mandatory reporting

School discipline, off campus incidents, deletion

School discipline provisions, interpretation

School district mental health services, parent refusal, reporting child at-risk

School emergency preparedness, off campus school sanctioned events, event specific emergency plan

School expulsion, review process, requirement

School materials, harmful to minors

School personnel, abusive conduct, disclosure

School personnel, student name and pronoun usage

School programs and events, harmful to minors

School screening committees, minority student population of 50 percent or greater, composition

Schools, abusive conduct, nondisclosure agreement, prohibition

Sex alteration, minors, prohibit

Sex alteration, minors, prohibition

Sex crimes, penalty enhancement

Sex offenders, loitering within 1,000 feet of specific locations, prohibition

Sex offenders, mobile business, prohibition of working within 1,000 feet

Sex offenders, swimming pools and splash pads, prohibition of loitering

Spina Bifida Awareness Month, recognition

Status offender, detention, prohibit

Statute of limitations, civil actions, childhood sexual assault or abuse

Student behavior, removal from classroom, option

Student disciplinary actions, parental notification

Student discipline, alternative education placement, option

Student discipline, intoxicating tetrahydrocannabinol product, requirement

Student discipline, off campus assault, requirement

Student expulsion, alternative placement, option

Student expulsion, review process, requirement

Student privacy

Student representative, local school boards, requirement

Student rights, change of teachers

Student suspensions, hearing process, requirement

Student threats, expulsion, requirement

Technical corrections

Termination of parental rights, abuse and neglect

Transgender students in public schools, suicide rates, annual report mandated

Transient public school students, school enrollment, option

Transient public school students, transportation request, determination

Transient students, kindergarten, eligibility

Transient students, siblings, eligibility

Transport, Department of Juvenile Justice, law enforcement, reimbursement

Trauma-informed teams and plans, child abuse and neglect awareness and prevention, inclusion

Treatment for minors, detention

Uniform Collaborative Law Act

Unlawful storage of a firearm, prohibition

Use of tracking device, criminalization, parental exception

Violent felony offense by minors, detention optional

Violent felony offenses, detention, confidentiality requirement

Violent felony offenses, detention, no confidentiality requirement

Youth advocate, Jim Tuman, honoring

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