Elections and Voting

Attorney General, independent inquiry, requirements, hand-to-eye recount

Campaign funds, reporting, requirements

Candidacy, eligibility

Candidacy, vacancy, nomination to fill

Candidates for office, partisan requirement for office sought

Candidates, vacancy, nomination to fill

City officials, nonpartisan election, notification

City officials, nonpartisan elections, redistricting,

Constitutional amendment, ballot initiatives, establishment of right of the people to propose

Constitutional amendment, homestead exemption for owners 65 or older, ballot language

Constitutional amendment, homestead exemption increase, ballot language

Constitutional amendment, restoration of voting rights and prohibitions, proposal

County judge/executive, unexpired term, procedure to fill vacancy

Emergencies, authority to change time and place, removal

Expenditures, intermediaries, prohibition

Filing deadline for candidates seeking public office, change

Gender-neutral language, insertion

Multilingual voter ballots, voter materials and hotline established, requirements prescribed

Office of State Treasurer, abolishment

Paper filing of campaign finance reports to the registry, candidates and entities

Political yard signs, display on private property subject to an association

Precinct consolidation, procedure

Precinct consolidation, requirements

Precinct consolidation, requirements, repeal

Prohibited acts, electioneering, in-person absentee voting, election officer training

Proposed constitutional amendment, educational costs

Proposed constitutional amendment, right to a healthy environment, preservation

Public charter school, board of directors, election

Ranked-choice voting, certain candidates for elected office

Recount, procedure

Registration, comprehensive report, requirements

Restoration of voting rights and civil rights, automatic, consitutional requirements

Risk-limiting audit, certification of results, procedures

Soil and water conservation, supervisor, age requirement

State Board, directors, appointment

State Police, political activities, participation permitted

Supplemental paper ballots, use, requirements

Systems, instruction cards, education programs, requirements

Unopposed candidate, certification, gender-neutral language

Vacancies, special elections in consolidated local governments

Voter identification, proof, credit or debit card, remove

Voter registration, name removal, deadline

Voting locations, payment

Voting rights for felons, constitutional amendment

Voting rights for felons, constitutional amendment to provide

Voting systems, requirements

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