Fiscal Note

Appropriation, salary increments

Branch budget bills, technical corrections

Branch budget recommendations, estimate of receipts, fiscal biennium

Budget forms, technical corrections

Budget unit requests and branch recommendations, requirements

Capitol campus, areas allocated to legislative branch

Claims against the Commonwealth, appropriation of funds

County tax information, confidentiality requirements, taxing jurisdiction exemption

Department of Education, statewide employment system data, collection

Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources, state public purchasing unit, state contracts, inclusion

Department of Juvenile Justice, performance review audit

Department of Juvenile Justice, reorganization

Department of Revenue

Distilled spirits tax

District boards of education, floor guarantee

Diversion for minors

Education Professional Standards Board, interim certificates, implementation

EKSAFE and WKSAFE fund, loans


Government contracts, anti-firearm discrimination, prohibition

Government Resources Accelerating Needed Transformation Program, eligible use

Healthcare credentials, scholarships for eligible credentials, social workers, behavior analysts

Hospital rate improvement programs, outpatient services

Individual income tax rate reductions

Jefferson County Youth Detention Center, renovation

Judicial Branch Budget, deferred funding for local projects

Kentucky affordable housing trust fund

Kentucky contribution trust fund

Kentucky Product Development Initiative, eligibility, changes

Kentucky Urban Search and Rescue Program, establishment

KentuckyCYBER, cybersecurity

Kindergarten, full day of instruction

Licensed certified professional midwifes, Medicaid coverage

Lottery, removal of transfer of net revenues to the Collaborative Center for Literacy Development

Medicaid managed care contracts, eligibility criteria, limit on number awarded

Merchant electric generating facility monitoring and enforcement fund

Motor vehicle usage tax, recreational vehicles, imposition

Open Records training, requirement

Prevailing wage, public works, creating

Psychological injuries for educators, workers' compensation

Relief funds, administration and recipient, report and analysis

Reports mandated, Interim Joint Committee on Appropriations and Revenue

School fiscal impact statement, requirement

Service areas for regional community services programs, establishment

Sports wagering taxes and fees, permanent pension fund, funding

State government agencies, appropriations and provisions

Teachers' Retirement System, sick leave liability

Technical correction

Unemployment compensation, workers displaced by domestic violence, abuse, sexual assault, stalking

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