Advanced practice registered nurses, interstate compact

Alcohol and Drug Counselors, language correction

Alcohol servers and food handlers, STAR certificate fee cap

Alternative teacher certification, Option 6 provisional certification, duration

Alternative teacher certification, Option 7 provisional certification, duration

Animal health, regulated practice

Auctioneer, online, exemption

Barbers, licensing requirements

Birthing centers, freestanding, licensing and certificate of need

Board of Ophthalmic Dispensers, renewal fee

Cannabis production and sale, authorized entities

Cannabis, production, processing, or sale

Charitable organizations, gaming, bank deposits

Charitable organizations, license mobility, gaming, bank deposits

Child-care centers, radon inspection

Chiropractic, language correction

Cosmetologists, interstate compact

Deferred deposit service business and check cashing, renewal and reinstatement

Department of Financial Institutions, nonrecourse consumer legal funding

Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources, license and permit sales, authorized agents

Distribution of tobacco and related products, license revocation

Eligible veterans, discharged LGBTQ veterans, inclusion

Emergency medical dispatch, removal from Emergency Medical Services Board licensing

Emergency medical services providers, the Kentucky Board of Emergency Medical Services

Emergency teacher certification, eligibility, extension

EMS personnel, interstate compact

Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission, acceptance, Principles and Practice Examination

Entertainment destination centers, nearby licensees, alcohol possession

Fantasy contests

Healthcare credentials, scholarships for eligible credentials

Hearing instruments, hearing specialists, requirements

Hunting and fishing license requirements, driver's license fees, disabled veteran exemption

Insurance, adjusters

Insurance, insurance adjusters

Investment advisers, registration exemptions

Kentucky Board of Cosmetology, technical corrections

Kentucky Board of Licensure for Professional Music Therapists, creation

Kentucky Real Estate Commission, technical corrections

Licensing fee structure, ABC to study

Medicinal cannabis program, establishment

Military occupational experience for occupational licensure, task force to examine

Nurses, practitioners from other states

Online poker

Over- the-counter hearing aids, audiologists, requirements

Over-the-counter hearing aids, hearing specialists, audiologists, requirements

Over-the-counter hearing aids, hearing specialists, requirements

Pharmacist in charge, out-of-state

Pregnancy resource centers, require

Professional land surveyor, experience requirements

Radon laboratories, inspection

Radon measurement and mitigation, safety

Real estate brokers, equitable interest, advertising

Recognition from other jurisdictions, relevance of work experience

Roofing contractors, Department of Housing, Buildings and Construction

Social Work Licensure Compact, social workers

Speech-language pathology assistants, permitted and prohibited activities

Sporting events, gaming and wagering

Sports wagering

State banks and trust companies, legal lending limits

Supervising physician, application requirements

Temporary elevator mechanic license, military experience

Uniform State Building Code, violation

Veterans with 50% service-connected disability, license plate fee exemption

Veterinary practice, board regulation

Wine corkage, alcoholic beverage drink licensee

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