Technical Corrections

Administrative regulation

Alternative fuels, Office of Energy Policy


Branch budget bills, technical corrections

Branch budget recommendations, technical corrections

Budget forms

Cabinet for Health and Family Services, addition of gender-neutral language

Cabinet for Health and Family Services, gender-neutral language

Capitalization correction

Combined water and electric municipal utilities, governing board, gender-neutral language

Commissioner of Agriculture, gender-neutral language

Condemnation of property, gender-neutral language

Consumer loan licensees, permitted loan charges

Definitions, addition of gender-neutral language

Department for Environmental Protection, Division of Waste Management, reference correction

Department of Charitable Gaming

Department of Education, information posting

Department of Financial Institutions, examinations, gender-neutral language

Department of Revenue

Department of Revenue reference

Division of Emergency Management, technical correction

Duties of the secretary, subpoena power

Economic Development, board, technical changes, gender-neutraility

Economic development, gender-neutrality

Education and Labor Cabinet

Energy and Enviroment Cabinet, mining regulation authority, gender-neutral language

Energy and Environment Cabinet, water management

Executive Branch agencies

Expungement, technical corrections

Finance and Administration Cabinet, Web site, technical corrections

Fire chiefs, gender-neutral language

Gender-neutral language

Gender-neutral language, insertion

General Assembly, Legislative Research Commission, technical correction

Government employees, gender-neutral language

HB 134/HCS 1

HB 167/HCS 1

HB 210/HCS 1

HB 236/HCS 1

HB 442

HB 446

HB 56/HCS 1

HB 5/SCS 1

HB 9/HCS 1

Health care providers, gender-neutral language, addition

Health insurance, coverage for breast examinations

Health plans, prescription drugs, cost sharing

HJR 76/HCS 1

Insurance adjusters

Insurance, public adjusters, requirements

Interim Joint Committee on Natural Resources and Energy, reference correction

Kentucky affordable housing trust fund

Kentucky Board of Cosmetology

Kentucky Insurance Guaranty Association Act

Kentucky Real Estate Commission

Local building inspectors

Medicaid services, addition of gender-neutral language

Medical procedures, addition of gender-neutral language

Mental health programs, gender-neutral language

Mentally ill, hospitalization, addition of gender-neutral language

Military Interstate Children's Compact Commission, correction of

Motor vehicle insurance requirements

Motor vehicle registration, gender-neutral language

Nondisclosure of personal information, protective order, SB 62/EN

Over-the-counter hearing aids, hearing specialists, audiologists, requirements

Park rangers, gender-neutral language

Personnel Board, gender-neutral language

Personnel Cabinet, secretary, gender-neutral language

Pharmacist, title

Real property, right of fiduciary, conveyance or encumbrance, when voidable

Reinsurance treaties and contracts, gender-neutral language

Reviser's bill, updates and revisions to statutes

SB 119/SCS 1

SB 129/SCS 1

SB 192

SB 268/HCS 1

SB 29/SCS 1

SB 43

SB 9

Securities exemptions, technical corrections

SJR 58

Small business loans

State banks and trust companies, legal lending limits

State Treasury refunds, gender-neutral language

Tax increment financing

Teacher computers, gender-neutral language

Technical corrections

Technical Corrections

Unemployment insurance fund, definitions, gender-neutral language

Uniform Commercial Code, technical corrections

Unopposed candidate, certification, gender-neutral language

Use tax, extended warranty services

Veterans, parks and campgrounds

Workplace safety, gender-neutral language

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