Insurance, Health

Behavioral health emergency, crisis receiving and stabilization, coverage requirement

Biosimilar medicines, coverage

Breastfeeding support and equipment, coverage requirement

Cancer detection, coverage requirement

Chronic pain treatments, coverage

Contraceptive coverage

Coronary calcium imaging tests, coverage requirement

Cost defrayal, qualified health plans, exemption

Cost defrayal requirements, exemption

Counseling interventions, perinatal depression, coverage requirement

Coverage for speech therapy, treatment for stuttering

Cranial conditions, coverage requirements

Dental services, assignment of benefits

Electronic communications, employer-sponsored group health insurance

Financial impact statements, private health insurance, additional requirements

Firefighters Foundation Program fund, PFAS blood testing, voluntary reimbursement program

Formulas, coverage requirement

Health insurance, coverage for breast examinations

Hepatitis C virus infection, pregnant and postpartum women, coverage requirement

Immunizations, incentives, prohibition

Individual-directed care, end of life

Injectable epinephrine devices, coverage requirement

Kentucky all-payer claims database, reporting requirements

Kentucky Prescription Drug Affordability Board, creation

Legislation, mandated health benefit, fiscal impact statements

Limited health service benefit plan, noncovered services

Long-term Care Insurance Task Force, establishment

Maternity care, coverage requirement

Medical laboratories, any willing provider law

Mental health and substance use disorder coverage

Network access, managed care organization, examination and review

Obesity treatment, coverage requirement

Pap smear, coverage requirement

Perinatal mood and anxiety disorders screenings, coverage requirement

Perinatal palliative care

Pharmacy or pharmacist services, coverage requirements

Pharmacy-related trade practices, prohibited conduct

Prescription drug coverage, cost-sharing and rebates requirements

Prescription drugs, distribution, requirements

Prescription drugs, postpartum mood disorders, coverage requirement

Prior authorization program, requirements

Prior authorization requirements

Provider contracts, minimum reimbursement, prescription drugs and other services

Provider contracts, pharmacy or pharmacist services, requirements

Special enrollment period, pregnancy

Special enrollment period, pregnant women, requirement

State employee health plan, Kentucky Insurance Code, exemption

Step therapy protocols, construction

Substance use disorder treatment, coverage requirement

Treatment, discrimination, acts of conscience

Treatment of alcohol or opioid use disorder, utilization review, Naloxone, prohibition

Treatment of alcohol or opioid use disorder, utilization review, opioid antagonist, prohibition

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