Effective Dates, Emergency

2022-2024 State/Executive Branch biennial budget, amendment

Adult-oriented business, location requirement, restrictions

Aerospace Education Reinvestment Opportunity Act

Alcoholic beverages, omnibus bill, privileges and regulation

Alternative teacher certification pathway, Option 7, modification

Antisemitism, public schools and postsecondary institutions, deportation of foreign alien

Appropriation, EKSAFE and WKSAFE funds

Appropriation, supplemental payment for KERS and SPRS retirees

Appropriation, WKSAFE Fund

Appropriation, WKSAFE funds

Artificial Intelligence in Higher Education project, establishment

Artificial Intelligence in Kentucky's Schools project, establishment

Asset Resolution Corporation, operations

Attorney General, unlawful enforcement of trade practices

Bible literacy courses, language arts credit

Biennial Highway Construction Plan, FY 2024-2026

Bond sale proceeds, working capital expenditures, payment allowance

Broadband Equity Access and Deployment Program, establishment

Broadband Equity Access and Deployment Program, prioritization of Bead Program funds, unserved areas

Budget Reserve Trust Fund, supplemental appropriations

Campaign finance, funds per event or affair

Candidate filings, reapportionment and precinct establishment, qualifications

Candidate protection, fraudulent misrepresentations

Career and Technical Education, funding, July 1, 2024

Child-care provider, employer contributions, facilities and maintenance cost, inclusion

Claims against the Commonwealth, appropriation of funds

Converted career and technical education center, qualifying employee award, authorize

Cost-of-living adjustment for Kentucky Retirement Systems retirees, July 1, 2024

Department for Medicaid Services, program coverage, administrative regulation nullification

Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources, transfer, Department of Agriculture

Department of Parks, capital construction funds for Kentucky State Parks, partial authorization

Department of Public Advocacy, transfer of employees of the Louisville Metro Public Defender

Dissolution of marriage, disposition of assets, felony against other spouse

Education Professional Standards Board, complaint procedures

Elections, county boards, precincts, no-excuse in-person absentee voting

Elections, vacancy in office, United States Senator

Electric vehicle power tax, electric vehicle power dealer, kilowatt exclusion

Electric vehicle power taxes, electric vehicle power dealer, definition

Emergency medical services providers, classifications, credentialing, reciprocity

Emergency teacher certification, renewal requirements, waive

Emergency use drugs, devices, or biologics, information

Energy Planning and Inventory Commission, establishment, membership, duties

Firearms, comprehensive regulation

Government contracts, timely payments, procedures, penalties

Government Resources Accelerating Needed Transformation Program, eligible use

Governor's recommended Biennial Highway Construction Plan, FY 2024-2026

Immunization requirements, exemptions, action for damages

Individual income tax, GF appropriation definition

Inheritance and estate taxes, expiration

Instructional programs for school-age children, exemptions

Jail construction, moratorium

Jail construction, prohibition

Juneteenth National Freedom Day, designation

Kentucky Authority for Educational Television, membership

Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority, board, membership

Kentucky Higher Education Student Loan Corporation, board, membership

Kentucky National Guard Adoption Assistance Program, eligibility, expansion

Kentucky Product Development Initiative of 2024

Kentucky Product Development Initiative of 2024, June 1, 2024

Kentucky Public Pensions Authority, health benefits for line of duty hazardous disability retirees

Kentucky Public Pensions Authority, lease for Office of Investments, authorization

Kentucky WWATERS Program, public water and wastewater systems, loans, eligibility, application

Law enforcement, federal officers, removal of authority

Library media center, school librarian requirement, removal

Local boards of education, members, reimbursement, July 1, 2024

Low-speed vehicles, safety standards

Mandated health benefit, fiscal impact statements

Medicaid Oversight and Advisory Board of the General Assembly, establishment

Medicaid reimbursement rate, out-of-state children's hospitals

Medical treatment, discrimination, acts of conscience

Medical treatments inconsistent with student's sex, repeal prohibition

Medicinal cannabis program, licensure, effective July 1, 2024

Medicinal cannabis, state office, licenses, qualifying medical conditions

Medicinal cannabis, state office, licensure

Military family assistance trust fund, eligibility, expansion

Minor settlements, restricted accounts and annuities, requirements

Motor vehicle registration, joint ownership, procedures

Motor vehicle valuation, property tax exemption, refunds

Name, image and likeness agreement requirements, applicability, modification

Office of Safer Communities, establishment

Office of the Attorney General, reorganization

Overtime exception, HB 456

Overtime exception, sheriff's offices, county police

Ownership fee, hybrid vehicles or hybrid motorcycles, elimination

Paid Family Leave Insurance Act

Parent and student rights, public education, provision

Parental rights, public schools, provision

Personalized license plates, partial fee refund

Procurement, capital construction, approval threshold

Property and casualty insurance, trade practice regulation

Property rights, protection

Property valuation administrators, compensation adjustment

Property Valuation Review Commission, counties with consolidated local government, creation

Public college and universities, funding formula

Public postsecondary education, diversity, equity, and inclusion activities, prohibition

Public postsecondary institution, use of resources on diversity, equity, and inclusion, civil action

Public Service Commission, emergency administrative regulations, pole attachment requests

Quota retail package licenses, increase

Railroads, safety, vegetation removal, requirement

Religious rights, public school employees, provision

Resident farmland owner, hunting and fishing license exemption, five acre minimum, removal

Riverboats, by the drink alcoholic beverage sales, passenger count

Rural jobs development fund

School building posting, notification of armed school resource officer

School district properties and procedures and requirements, July 1, 2024

School funds, ballot question advocacy, prohibition on use

School transportation, alternative transportation plan, non-school bus passenger vehicles

School transportation, alternative transportation plan, non-school bus vehicles

Sexual orientation and gender identity change efforts for minors, prohibition

Smoking Cessation Program, appropriation

State government agencies, supplemental appropriations

Student Teacher Stipend Program, creation

Subsidy of county costs of incarceration by cities

Sustainable aviation fuel and feedstock production, tax credit and incentives

Teacher Recruitment Student Loan Forgiveness Pilot Program, creation

Teachers' retirement, service credit, optional makeup days, religious holidays

Teachers' Retirement System, repeal provisions of 2021 RS HB 258 relating to new teacher benefits

Teachers' Retirement System, sick leave payments upon retirement

Teachers' Retirement System, sick leave reporting

Unemployment insurance, appeal deadline, extension

Uniform Real Property Transfer on Death Act, inheritance tax, July 1, 2024

Various fiscal matters

Vehicle use tax exemption, purchases by military and National Guard members, July 1, 2024

Venue, change in specified actions, establishment

Venue, constitutional convention, amendment, statewide public question

Volunteer firefighters, unemployment insurance, reimbursements, exclusion from wages

Watershed conservancy district boards, discontinuance, procedure, consequences

Women Veterans Appreciation Day, June 12, designation

Workforce Attraction and Retention Task Force, establishment

Last updated: 4/19/2024 7:10 PM (EDT)