Health and Medical Services

340B covered entities, discrimination against, prohibition

Abortion services, government payments to entities referring or counseling, removal of prohibition

Abortion, upon a minor, removal of prohibition

Abortion-inducing drug, prohibitions, removal

Abortions, reporting, change requirements

Advance care planning, guide

Air ambulance membership, sale to Medicaid enrollee, prohibition

Alcohol and drug counseling, providers

Alternative treatments, chronic pain

American Heart Month, February 2024, designation

Assault in the third degree, offense against person employed by or under contract with a hospital

Assault in the third degree, offense against person in or on the premises

Assault in the third degree, offense against person in or on the premises of health care settings

Assisted reproduction, liability protection

Assisted reproductive technology, access, protection

Autopsy by coroner, requirement

Behavioral health conditional dismissal program, eligible individuals, addition

Behavioral health emergency services, Cabinet for Health and Family Services, program establishment

Biosimilar medicines, coverage

Birth certificate, biological sex designation, requirement

Birthing centers, freestanding, licensing and certificate of need

Cabinet for Health and Family Services, addition of gender-neutral language

Cancer detection, coverage requirement

Cancer screenings for firefighters

Certificate of death, education, completion

Certificate of need, applications and appeals

Certificate of need, exemptions

Certificate of need, expenditures

Certificate of need, laws, void

Certificate of need, orphaned health services and facilities

Certificate of need, state health plan, nonsubstantive review

Certificate of Need Task Force, creation

Certificate of Need Task Force, reestablishment

Certified medication aide, Board of Nursing, assisted living communities, administer medication

Certified medication aide, Board of Nursing, nursing home, administer medication

Certified professional midwifery services, Medicaid coverage

Certified waiver providers, investigation procedures, establishment

Child care staff members, background checks, age of majority

Child fatality and near fatality team, review of gunshot-related deaths, requirement

Children, public offense, mental health facility, authorization

Chiropractic licensing, language correction

Chronic pain treatments, coverage

contract mental health evaluator, evaluation, qualified mental health professional

Controlled substance, medication, program for synchronization, reporting

Coronary calcium imaging tests, coverage requirement

County department of health, gender-neutral language

Covenant not to compete, prohibition

COVID-19 and mRNA vaccine, prohibition on requirement

COVID-19, modRNA, and mRNA vaccine, prohibition on requirement

COVID-19, mRNA vaccine, and COVID-19 antibodies, blood donation, blood label for transfusion

COVID-19 or mRNA vaccine, blood donation, deferral period

COVID-19 or mRNA vaccine, blood donation, donor history questionnaire

COVID-19 vaccine, prohibition on requirement

Cranial conditions, coverage requirements

Delivery procedures, Cabinet for Health and Family Services, report

Delivery procedures, report by Cabinet for Health and Family Services

Dental services, insurance, assignment of benefits

Department for Medicaid Services, program coverage, administrative regulation nullification

Department of Veterans' Affairs, assistance to veterans in finding healthcare

Dietitian Licensure Compact, establishment

Early intervention services for children, providers, licensure requirements

Eastern Kentucky University, osteopathic medicine program, authorization to offer

Eating disorders, awareness

Elderly, PACE service providers, licensure

Eligible expenses, eligible caregiver tax credit

Emergency medical services education grant program

Emergency medical services providers, classifications, credentialing, reciprocity

Epilepsy diagnosis, information to be provided

Examination or treatment, provided by public school, parental consent

Feminine hygiene products, elementary and secondary students, provision

Feminine hygiene products, public school provision, permit

Firefighters Foundation Program fund, PFAS blood testing, voluntary reimbursement program

Gender dysphoria, treatment, children

Gender-neutral language, inclusion

Harm reduction centers, establishment of program

Health and family services, addition of gender-neutral language

Health care decisions, adult friend of patient, authorization

Health Care Disparities Task Force, establishment

Health Care Outcomes Task Force, establishment

Health care provider, criminal liability, immunity

Health care provider, liability protection

Health care provider, Medicaid program, child abuse and neglect registry, adult abuse registry

Health care provider, providing health services, criminal liability, immunity

Health facilities, child abuse and neglect, adult abuse registry, background check

Health facilities, respirator masks, requirement

Health insurance, coverage for breast examinations

Health insurance, maternity care coverage, requirement

Health questionnaire initiated by public school, parental consent

Health services, addition of gender-neutral language

Health services. addition of gender-neutral language

Health services, addition of gender-neutral language

Healthcare licensing boards, workforce data collection

Heat illness prevention, outdoor employees

Homeless individual, mental health assessment, eligibility, establishment

Hormonal contraceptives, pharmacy, provision

Immunization of children, by pharmacists

Immunization requirement, exemptions, action for damages

Immunizations, incentives, prohibition

Individual-directed care, end of life

Infant Mortality Task Force, establishment

Informed consent, medical examinations

Jails, medical services, provision

Kentucky all-payer claims database, establishment

Kentucky Child Mental Health Services Access Program, establishment

Kentucky Prescription Drug Affordability Board, creation

Limited health service benefit plan, noncovered services

Living organ donation, promotion

Local property tax, motor vehicle exemption

Long-term care, staffing ratios, implementation

Lowdenback, Dr. Clifford, Kentucky Dental Association president, honoring

Marriage and family therapists, licensure, independent practice

Massage therapists, interstate compact

Maternal and infant mortality and disparities awareness month, recognition

Maternal and postpartum depression, HANDS Program, expansion

Maternal health disparity training, requirement

Maternal Mental Health Awareness Day, recognition

Medicaid coverage, at home prothrombin time testing, requirement

Medicaid directed payment program, hospitals, creation, directed

Medicaid directed payment program, hospitals, creation directed

Medicaid managed care contracts, limit on number awarded

Medicaid, opportunity account not disqualification of eligibility

Medicaid waiver, out-of-state services, interstate compact

Medical assistance, addition of gender-neutral language

Medical assistance, technical corrections

Medical directive, compliance refusal, right to transfer, required notice and acknowledgment

Medical imaging patient access rights, establishment

Medical laboratories, any willing provider law, health insurance

Medical orders for scope of treatment, form

Medical treatment, health care, right to refuse

Medicinal cannabis, qualifying medical conditions

Medicine, provisional license to practice

Menstrual period, public school instruction, permit

Mental health and substance use disorder coverage

Mental or physical health emergency, termination of lease

Music therapy, licensure

Newborn safety device, definition, continuous staffing exception

Nonlicensed chemical dependency treatment service, facilities exemption

Obesity treatment, coverage requirement

Occupational licenses, recognition of military training

Pap smear, coverage requirement

Patient medical record access, standards

Pediatricians, physicians, continuing medical education requirements

Perinatal care, advisory committee, establishment

Perinatal mood and anxiety disorders screenings, coverage requirement

Perinatal palliative care, pregnant women

Pharmaceutical advertisements, prohibition

Physician assistants, continuing medical education requirements

Physicians, addition of gender-neutral language

Podiatry, licensing, assistants, and residency

Postsecondary education institutions, immunization requirement, exemptions

Pregnancy resource centers, licensure

Pregnancy termination, fatal fetal anomaly

Pregnant inmates, midwifery or doula services

Price transparency, medical services, hospitals, disclosure

Prior authorization program, requirements

Prior authorization requirements

Providers, prohibition of discrimination for acts of conscience

Psychologists, supervision, temporary, applicant

Recognition of EMS Personnel Licensure Interstate Compact, creation

Recommendation for alternative sentence, substance use services, requirements

Reproductive health care, protections, establishment

Safe Haven Baby Boxes Crisis line, public display in schools, requirement

Sexually transmitted disease, testing, requirement

Smoking Cessation Program, appropriation

Social workers, administrative regulation, nullification

Speech therapy, treatment for stuttering, coverage

State child and maternal fatality review team, establishment

Statewide system for stroke response and treatment, annual report, requirement

Statewide system for stroke response and treatment annual report, requirement

Step therapy protocols, construction

Substance use disorder treatment, coverage requirement

Substance use program, transportation requirements, federal law, prohibitions

Supervising physicians for physician assistants, application requirements

Syringe services programs, VA health care systems

Technical correction

Testicular Cancer Awareness Month, April 2024, recognition

Travel across state lines, permit

Treatment center, chemical dependency, recovery residence, court order violation, notification

Treatment center, chemical dependency, recovery residence, transportation services

Treatment center, chemical dependency, recruitment rules, Medicaid restrictions

Treatment center, chemical dependency, resident, search of outstanding warrants

Treatment center, chemical dependency, transportation services

Treatment services, requirements, substance use programs, Cabinet for Health and Family Services

Treatments to minors inconsistent with sex, repeal prohibition

Type 1 diabetes information, provision by elementary and secondary schools

University of Kentucky and University of Louisville, hospital acquistion, General Assembly approval

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