Local Mandate

988 suicide and crisis lifeline fund, establishment

Abortion, lethal fetal anomaly, reporting requirements

Abortion, pregnancy result of rape or incest, decriminalization

Abortion-inducing drugs, unauthorized distribution, complaint, establishment

Abuse, violence, employer requirements, employee supports, leave, accommodations

Actions for forcible entry and detainer, records

Adult-oriented business, adult cabaret, restrictions

Adult-oriented business, location requirement, restrictions

Adult-oriented businesses, relocation requirements, establishment

Agricultural land, affidavit, prohibited countries, county clerks

Agricultural land transactions, affidavit, prohibited countries, liability exemptions

Agritourism activity, compliance with zoning requirements

Alcohol license applications, publication methods

Alcoholic beverages, omnibus bill, privileges and regulation

Alcoholic beverages, quota retail package licenses, limits

Alcoholic beverages, sale to underage persons, enhanced penalties

Americans with Disabilities Act, amendments, inclusion

Animal control officers, recognition of child abuse, training programs

Animal seizure

Annimal control officers, recognition of child abuse, training programs

Arrest, interference with a legislative proceeding, requirement

Assaulty in the third degree, offense against person employed by or under contract with a hospital

Automated license plate reader, data usage

Automated license plate reader, data usage and retention, 30-day limit, exceptions

Automated license plate reader, utilization, restriction

Background checks, private firearms sales and transfers

Ballots, straight ticket voting option, removal

Ballots, straight-ticket voting option, removal

Banks and financial institutions, regulation

Behavioral health conditional dismissal program, eligible individuals

Behavioral health emergency, crisis receiving and stabilization, coverage requirements

Bereavement leave, requirement

Broadband service providers, notices, service outages

Burial grounds, proper care, requirement

Burial or cremation of a dead body, facilitation

Campaign consultant, registration, procedure

Cancer detection, coverage requirement

Candidacy for House of Representatives, minimum age of 18, proposed constitutional amendment

Candidates, slates of candidates, certification, date

Cannabis business, inspections and investigations

Cannabis legalization

Cannabis legalization, omnibus bill

Cannabis, personal use quantity, decriminalization

Cannabis, production, processing, or sale

Cannabis, right to possess, use, or buy

Cellular antenna tower siting, setbacks, inhabitable buildings and outdoor gathering spaces

Cellular antenna towers, local planning commission, siting

Certificate of death, education, completion

Certification of election results, procedures

Child sex dolls, prohibition

Children, alternatives to detention, establishment

Children, public offense, treatment plan, procedures, establishment

Children's early learning services taxing districts, authorization to establish

Citizens Redistricting Commission

City meetings, agendas

Citypowned electric utilities, requirement to form a utility board

Class C or D felon, imprisonment in a local jail, discretionary

Code of ethics order, appeal to Circuit Court

Combined municipal utility electric and water plant boards, city governing bodies, authority over

Compensation for required relocation, discount points

Condemned lands, solar electric generating facility construction, prohibition

Condolidated local government, code enforcement officers, hazardous duty retirement

Consolidated local governments, omnibus revisions

Consolidated local governments, urban service tax districts, funding

Consolidation of precincts, procedure

Consolidation of precincts, procedure, date applied

Consolidation of precincts, vote center, requirement

Constitutional amendment, additional legislative days, date for adjournment, ballot language

Constitutional amendment, ballot initiatives, establishment of right of the people to propose

Constitutional amendment, extension of calendar for sessions of General Assembly, ballot language

Constitutional amendment, felon restoration of voting rights and civil rights, ballot inclusion

Constitutional amendment, Genera; Assembly, term limits of members, ballot language

Constitutional amendment, General Assembly, eligibility of members, ballot language

Constitutional amendment, homestead exemption for owners 65 or older, ballot language

Constitutional amendment, local taxes, submit to voters for ratification or rejection

Constitutional amendment, pardons and commutations, limitation, ballot language

Constitutional amendment, persons entitled to vote, non-citizen, prohibition, ballot language

Constitutional amendment, property tax exemption, homesteads of veterans and surviving spouses

Constitutional amendment, restoration of voting rights for felons, ballot language

Constitutional amendment, slavery and involuntary servitude, prohibition, ballot inclusion

Constitutional amendment, slavery and involuntary servitude, prohibition, ballot language

Continuous motor vehicle insurance, requirements

Coronary calcium imaging tests, coverage requirement

Counseling interventions, perinatal depression, coverage requirement

Counties, licensure, commercial dog breeders

County board of elections, precinct consolidation plan, amendment

County boards of elections, vote centers, elimination

County clerks, motor vehicle usage tax, active Armed Forces, credit

County Employees Retirement System, hazardous position, definition

Cranial conditions, coverage requirements

Crime victims, leave from employment

Criminal conspiracy with a minor, same penalty

Criminal offenses, armed with a firearm, penalty enhancement

Crisis aversion and rights retention order, possession, prohibition

Cruelty to animals in the first degree, forfeiture of animals

Deadly weapaons, power to regulate concealed carry in buildings, repeal

Deadly weapons, authority to limit concealed weapons in buildings, repeal

Death certificates, timeline to complete, death under investigation

Dental services, insurance, assignment of benefits

Department of Corrections, contracts to house state inmates

Department of Corrections, contracts to house state inmates, drug screening, removal

Department of Public Advocacy attorneys, removal from classified service

Department of Public Advocacy, duties of Public Advocate, employee salaries

Department of Revenue, tax law changes and actions

Destruction of firearms, law enforcement agencies of consolidated local governments

Destructive device, booby trap device, definitions, exemptions

Development, objectivity in standards for in planning and zoning

Diabetes Prevention and Obesity Treatment Act

DNA, sample collection at arraignment, requirement

Dog bite or dog attack damages, insurance disclosures

Duty to intervene, reporting requirements, legal and administrative protections

Earned paid sick leave provided by employers, requirement

Education, membership, partisan election

Election recount, procedure

Electric vehicle fees, county clerk retention

Emergency medical services education grant program

Emergency medical services providers, classifications, credentialing, reciprocity

Emergency shelter operation, requirement

Emotional support animals, misrepresentation, fine, animal control and care fund, fees, tiering

Emotional support animals, tenants, exclusion

Employee benefits, unpaid family care leave

Employees access, federal tax information, background check requirement

Employees, schedules

Employer vaccine mandate, injury, liability

Employment discrimination , requirement of criminal history on job applications, prohibition

Employment discrimination, protections regarding weight

Employment discrimination, requirement of criminal history on job applications, prohibition

EMS Professionals Foundation Program fund, creation, insurance premium surcharge

Eviction, court record expungement

Evidence-based programs, requirement

Expungement, automatic process for eligible felony and misdemeanor convictions

Extension of lien secured by recorded deed, recording requirement

Extreme risk protection order

Facial recognition technology, use

Facilitation of housing in areas with local planning and zoning regulations

Felony involving a firearm, age 15 or older, transfer back to District

Felony involving firearm, transfer to Circuit Court, age 15 or older

Fines and fees, annual report, penalties, requirement

Firearm storage, firearm theft, requirements

Firearm theft, reporting requirement

Firearms, assault weapons, possession

Firearms, individuals in crisis, voluntary surrender, requirements

Firearms, local regulation

Firearms, modified weapon, transfer, under 21

Firearms registry, prohibition, enforcement

Firearms, voluntary restriction list, requirements

Firearms, waiting period

Fleeing or evading police in the first and second degrees, penalty enhancement

Game meat, donation, correctional facility

Geoengineering activities, prohibition, enforcement

Grant database

Greenhouse gas emissions reduction agreements, recording requirement

Gross combination weight rating, definition

Hand-to-eye recounts, requirements

Hand-to-eye-recount, requirements

Harboring a vicious dog, fione, animal control and care fund

Harm reduction centers, establishment of program

Hate crime

Hate crime, characteristics of victim

HB 2

Health insurance coverage, abortion, removal of prohibition

Health insurance, coverage for breast examinations

Health insurance, maternity care coverage, requirement

Health plan, breastfeeding support and equipment, coverage requirement

Health plan, cancerdetection, coverage requirement

Health plan, maternity care, coverage requirement

Health plan, medical laboratories, any willing provider law

Heat illness prevention, outdoor employees

Heirs property, partition

Homestead exemption, owners who are 65 or older, proposed constitutional amendment

Housing of inmates, contracts between counties, contract price

Human trafficking, signage, requirement, penalties

Immunizations, incentives, prohibition

Incest, sexual contact

Independent school districts, establishment

Individual-directed care, end of life

Inheritance tax provisions, removal

Injectable epinephrine devices, coverage requirement

Interlocal agreements concerning revenue sharing, additional requirements

International organizations, mandates, prohibition

Interrogation of children, requirements

Jail construction, moratorium without General Assembly approval

Jail construction, prohibition

KCHIP, hepatitis C virus infection, pregnant and postpartum women, coverage requirement

Kentucky all-payer claims database, reporting requirements

Kentucky Buy American Act

Kentucky Child Mental Health Services Access Program, establishment

Kentucky Law Enforcement Council, expansion of membership

Kentucky Public Pensions Authority, health benefits for line of duty hazardous disability retirees

Kentucky Public Pensions Authority, line of duty death benefits to non-spouse beneficiary, increase

KentuckyCYBER, cybersecurity, protection

Knives longer than three inches in school, prohibition

Law enforcement wiretap, compliance with federal law

Leave from employment for court appearances, requirements for the employer and employee

Legislative council districts, reapportionment, voter notice

Lobbyist registration list, maintenance, requirement

Local governments, minimum wage, option to establish

Local juvenile restorative justice advisory committee, requirement

Local juvenile restorative justice committees, establishment

Local ordinances, restrictions on firearms

Local property tax, motor vehicle exemption

Managed care organizations, prior authorization requirements

Marijuana convictions, expungement

Marijuana intoxication, per se limit, creation

Master commissioner's sale, counties with land bank authority, occupancy requirements, residential

Maternity care, coverage requirement

Maternity care, health insurance coverage

Mayoral appointments, combined electric and water plant boards, nominee selection

Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act

Minimum reimbursement, prescription drugs and other services

Minimum wage for all employees, workers with a disability, requirements

Minor employment, prohibitions

Misdemeanor expungement, automatic process

Monetary amount of damage to qualify for criminal mischief offenses, reduction

Money bail, restriction to certain high-risk defendants

Mortgage loan companies and brokers, application and annual assessment fees

Motor boats, wreckage removal, coverage, requirement

Motor carrier truck taxes, application, filing, and payment, procedures

Murder of a first responder, creation of offense

No-excuse, in-person absentee, voting, elimination

Occupational license taxing, after annexation

Off-highway vehicles, titling and registration

Office of United States Senator, proclamation, issuance by Governor

Open Records, Act training, official custodians and employees, requirement

Open records, official email accounts, employees and officers, requirement

Order of protection, workplace violence, requirements, establishment

Orders of protection, conviction for qualifying offense, issuance, duration

Ordinances relating to landlord or tenant, restrictions

Ordinances relating to rental of housing, restriction

Ordinances relating to rental of housing, restrictions

Ownership fee, hybrid vehicles, elimination

Ownership fee, hybrid vehicles or hybrid motorcycles, elimination

Ownership of real property, restrictions

Pap smear, coverage requirement

Pari-muttuel racing tax distribution, local government fund, establishment

Payment of fees, prohibition against refusing cash

Perinatal mood and anxiety disorders screenings, coverage requirement

Persistent felony offender, jury discretion for an enhanced penalty

Personalized license plates, partial fee refund

Petroleum stroage tank account, project completion, registration, and application extension

Pharmacy or pharmacist services, coverage requirements

Policies and procedures, police officer mental health program, requirements

Possession of a handgun by a minor, enhanced penalty

Postincarceration supervision, conviction for child pornography offenses

Postincarceration supervision, various offenses

Precinct boundaries, digital file requirements

Pregnancy resource centers, licensure

Pregnant inmates, midwifery or doula services

Prescription drug coverage, cost-sharing and rebates requirements

Prescription drugs, distribution, requirements

Prescription drugs, postpartum mood disorders, coverage requirement

Prevailing wage for public works, creation

Prevailing wage, public works, establishment

Prior authorization program, requirements

Prior authorization requirements

Property tax assessment of property homeowners classified as totally disabled

Property tax, exemption or elimination, proposed constitutional amendment

Property tax, federally documented boats, tax exemption

Property tax, homestead exemption amount

Property tax, homestead exemption amount, proposed constitutional amendment

Property tax, homestead exemption, application process

Property tax, motor vehicle valuation, exemption

Property tax rate levy, recall vote, next regular election

Property tax rate petition process, requirements

Property taxation, real property definition, mains, pipes, pipelines, and conduits

Property taxes, installment payment program

Proposed constitutional amendment, education costs

Proposed constitutional amendment, educational costs

Proposed constitutional amendment, right to a healthy environment, preservation

Provider contracts, pharmacy or pharmacist services, requirements

Psychological injuries for educators, workers' compensation

Public agencies, open meeting compliance, voidable actions

Public agencies, public funds, use in lobbying

Public agencies, retaining of lobbyists, prohibition

Recall elections, local board of education

Recreational vehicles, personalized license plates

Registry, list, or record, prohibition

Registry of Election Finance, campaign communications, guidelines

Registry of Election Finance, General Assembly members, allowable campaign expenditures

Reproductive health care, protections, violations, cause of action

Requirements to vote

Residual waste facilities, environmental remediation fee, allowable uses

Residual waste generators, local determinations, industrial wastes, waste sites

Retirement, legislatively authorized or funded raises from pension spiking provisions, exemption

Risk protection orders, firearms prohibitions

Safe Haven Baby Boxes Crisis line, public display in schools, requirement

Sales and use tax, postnatal supplies, exemption

School bus stop arm cameras, installation requirement

School property, weapons, sign notification requirement, removal, weapons prohibition, optional

Seized or recovered firearms, reporting procedures

Self-insured group employer health plan, perinatal palliative care

Sex crime, definition, distribution of matter portraying a sexual performance by a minor

Sex crimes, penalties

Sex offender, social media use, display of full legal name

Sex offenders, residing within 3,000 feet of specific locations, prohibitions

Sexual exploitation, computer-generated images

Sexual exploitation of minors

Sexual exploitation of minors, inclusion of computer-generated image in definition of matter

Sexual extortion, notice to students and parents or guardians, principals

Sexual offenses

Sexual orientation and gender identity, prohibition of discrimination

Sexually transmitted disease, testing, requirement

Short-term rentals, authorization subject to permitting

Special inspectors, appointment for motor vehicle inspections

Special license plate, EMS, establishment

Speech therapy, treatment for stuttering, coverage

State Board of Elections, voter registration, procedures, purge programs by local boards

State, county, and city roadways and bridges, lease of naming rights

State minimum wage, increase

State postsecondary educational institution self-insured group health plan, coverage for stuttering

Statewide constitutional officers, election, even-numbered years

Subsidy of county costs of incarceration by cities

Substance use disorder treatment, coverage requirement

Substance use program, transportation services

Swimming pool classification, Cabinet for Health and Family Services, lifeguards, requirements

Swimming pool requirements, single- family residences, exemption

Systems, instruction cards, education programs, requirements

Taxdollars, use in lobbying, prohibition

Telecommunicators, hiring and training, requirements

Telecommunicators, Law Enforcement Foundation Program fund, salary supplement

Telecommunicators, training academy, requirements

Telecommunicators, training and certification, requirements

Temporary structures, building code, exemptions

Theft of a motor vehicle, creation

Theft of services, rental agreements, property

Thefts, aggregate timeframe, increase

Tobacco and other nicotine products, sale to or use by persons under 21, increased penalties

Torture of dog or cat, definitions

Torture of dog or cat, penalty, increase

Transfers of land, subdivision, recording of plat, requirement

Travel into the Commonwealth to engage in a sexual offense, Class D felony

Treatment center, chemical dependency, recovery residence, transportation services

Treatment of alcohol or opioid use disorder, utilization review, Naloxone, prohibition

Unemployment compensation, workers displaced by domestic violence, abuse, sexual assault, stalking

Unemployment insurance, notice, appeal deadline

Uniform citation, no operator's license or registration receipt, dismissal

Uniform Real Property Transfer on Death Act

Uniform Residential and Landlord Tenant Act

Unlawful employment practice, inquiry about previous salary

Unlawful financial trade practices enforcement

Unlawful real estate service agreements

Unlawful storage of a firearm, prohibition

Urban service tax district, phased costs for providing services in consolidated local government

Use of unmanned aircraft and recording devices, prohibition

Use of unmanned aircraft systems, federal, state, and local law enforcement, exemption

Vacancies, special elections in consolidated local governments

Vehicle use tax exemption, purchases by military and National Guard members from Kentucky dealers

Vintage distilled spirits license, reporting requirements

Violence reduction program, participation as a condition of probation or parole

Violent offender, arson offenses

Violent offender, Class C felony violation of wanton endangerment

Vital statistics, data collection, male and female, identification

Vital statistics, identification of sex, discrimination prohibited

Volunteer firefighters, unemployment insurance, reimbursements, exclusions from wages

Voting hours, extension

Voting locations, precinct consolidation, amendment

Voting rights for felons, constitutional amendment

Voting systems, requirements

Wages, recordkeeping and reporting

Wages, requirement to pay living wage

Waste management districts, service providers, confidential information, nondisclosure

Workers' compensation, average weekly wage calculation, unemployment benefts

Workers' compensation, average weekly wage for certain volunteers

Workers' Compensation, medical professional, modification

Workers' compensation, psychological injuries

Wrongful discharge, collection of lost wages

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