Occupations and Professions

Abuse, violence, employer requirements, employee supports, leave, accommodations

Alcohol and drug counseling, providers

Alcohol and Drug Counselor licensing, language correction

Aviation, scholarships for eligible credentials, provision

Barbers, mobile barber shop, licensure

Benefits, self-employed workers

Board of Medical Licensure, occupational licenses for veterans, report

Board of Nursing, membership

Bouncers, training and certification, Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control

Certified family, friend, and neighbor child-care homes, establishment

Child-care center licensure, requirements

Chiropractic licensing, language correction

Commission on Military Affairs, occupational licenses for veterans, report

Construction industry, misclassification of employees

Continuing education requirements, real estate licensees

Continuing education requirements, real property boards

Cosmetologists, callus removal, permitted practices

Cosmetology, licensing board members, esthetician

Cosmetology, licensing, examination, languages

Cosmetology, mobile salons, licensure

Cosmetology, nail technicians, licensing

Data collection, workforce participation, employment information

Division of Real Property Boards, creation

Early childhood education provider funds, establishment

Early Childhood Education Task Force, reestablishment

Early intervention services for children, providers, licensure requirements

Electricians and master electricians, licensing requirements

Electricians, licensing requirements

Emergency medical services education grant program

Emergency medical services providers, classifications, credentialing, reciprocity

Employment discrimination, protections against

EMS personnel, interstate compact

Firefighters, exposure to PFAS, reimbursement for blood tests

Health Care Outcomes Task Force, establishment

Health care provider, criminal liability, immunity

Health care provider, liability protection

Health care provider, providing health services, criminal liability, immunity

Housing, Buildings, and Construction, uniform State Building Code, violation

HVAC, electrician, and plumbing students, licensing credit, recognition

Kentucky Board of Cosmetology, abolition

Kentucky One-Stop Business Portal, Secretary of State, creation, maintenance

Law enforcement telecommunicators, protection from retaliation after leave

Licensed certified professional midwifes, Medicaid coverage

Licensing, data collection, workforce participation, employment information

Marriage and family therapists, licensure

Massage therapists, interstate compact

Master electrician, associate's degree or diploma program, credit toward licensure

Medical directive, compliance refusal, right to transfer, required notice and acknowledgment

Medicine, provisional license to practice

Military service member and spouse, interstate licensing compacts, reciprocity

Moral turpitude, good moral character, removal

Music therapist, licensure and requirements

Nurses, continuing medication education

Ophthalmic dispensers, license renewal fee

Outdoor nature-based child-care centers, licensure requirements

Pharmacists, hormonal contraceptives, provision

Physician assistants, continuing medical education requirements

Physicians, physician assistants, continuing medical education requirements

Podiatrist, podiatric assistant

Portable benefits, worker classification, sole criterion

Prior conviction, application, criteria

Psychologists, temporary licensure, supervision

Real estate professionals, Department of Highways, right of way services

Real property boards, continuing education requirements

Roofing contractors, Department of Housing, Buildings and Construction

School social workers, School Social Work Week, March 3 to 9, 2024

Sexual orientation and gender identity change efforts for minors, prohibition

Social Work Licensure Compact, social workers

Social workers, administrative regulation, nullification

Social workers, provision of services via telehealth

Social workers, workers' compensation, psychological injuries

Teachers, alternative certification pathway, Option 7, modification

Teachers, Education Professional Standards Board, teacher complaint procedures, establishment

Telecommunicators, training academy, requirements

Telecommunicators, training and certification, requirements

Universal recognition of occupational licenses and government certifications

Unlawful employment practice, inquiry about previous salary

Water and Wastewater Operator Certification Boards, certifications and recruitment, recommendations

Water and wastewater operators, certifications and recruitment, recommendations

Workers' Compensation, definition of physician, delete territory

Workers' compensation, physicians, license issued by other states

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