Physicians and Practitioners

Abortion, incompatible with life outside the womb, prohibition exception

Abortion, lethal fetal anomaly, prohibition exception

Abortion, lethal fetal anomaly, reporting requirements

Abortion, pregnancy, rape or incest, prohibition exception

Abortion, prior to viability, removal of prohibition

Abortion prohibition, lethal fetal anomaly, exception

Abortion prohibition, pregnancy result of rape or incest, exception

Abortion, upon a minor, removal of prohibition

Abortion, various identified penalties, removal

Addition of gender-neutral language

Advance care planning, guide

Alternative treatments, chronic pain

Assisted reproduction, liability protection

Assisted reproductive technology, access, protection

Birthing centers, freestanding, licensing and certificate of need

Boards of Medical Licensure, Dentistry, and Podiatry, regulations, controlled substances

Certificate of death, education, completion

Chiropractic licensing, language correction

Controlled substance, electronic prescription, exception

Controlled substance, medication, prescription, program for synchronization, reporting

Covenant not to compete, prohibition

Dentists, insurance, assignment of benefits

Early intervention services for children, providers, licensure requirements

Epilepsy diagnosis, information to be provided

Gender dysphoria, treatment, children

Gender-neutral language, inclusion

Health care decisions, adult friend of patient, authorization

Health care practitioner, prescriptive authority

Health care provider, criminal liability, immunity

Health care provider, liability protection

Health care provider, Medicaid program, child abuse and neglect registry, adult abuse registry

Health care provider, providing health services, criminal liability, immunity

Health care services, provision protected

Health facilities, respirator masks, requirement

Individual-directed care, end of life

Infant Mortality Task Force, establishment

Informed consent, medical examinations

Kentucky Child Mental Health Services Access Program, establishment

Limited health service benefit plan, noncovered services

Long-term care, staffing ratios, implementation

Lowdenback, Dr. Clifford, Kentucky Dental Association president, honoring

Maternal and infant mortality and disparities awareness month, recognition

Maternal health disparity training, requirement

Maternal Mental Health Awareness Day, recognition

Maternal mortality and morbidity, prevention

Medicaid coverage, at home prothrombin time testing, requirement

Medicaid, drug disposal, payment

Medicaid managed care contracts, limit on number awarded

Medical directive, compliance refusal, right to transfer, required notice and acknowledgment

Medical imaging patient access rights, establishment

Medical laboratories, any willing provider law, health insurance

Medical orders for scope of treatment, form

Medical oversight of AED programs, removal of requirement

Medical treatment, health care, right to refuse

Medicinal cannabis, qualifying medical conditions

Medicine, provisional license to practice

Occupational diseases, evaluations in workers' compensation, physicians eligible to perform

Patient medical record access, standards

Perinatal palliative care, pregnant women

Physician assistants, Alzheimer's disease, continuing education

Physician assistants, supervising physicians, application requirements

Physicians, pediatricians, continuing medical education requirements

Podiatry, licensing, assistants, and residency

Podiatry, licensing assistants, and residency

Pregnancy resource centers, licensure

Pregnancy, result of rape or incest, termination, authorization

Pregnancy termination, fatal fetal anomaly

Prior authorization program, requirements

Prior authorization requirements

Psychologists, temporary licensure, supervision

Rebuttable presumption, compliance, establishment

Reproductive health care, protections, establishment

Sepsis, diagnostic criteria, establishment

Sexual assault victims, services, medical billing, prohibition

Sexual orientation and gender identity change efforts for minors, prohibition

Treatment, discrimination, acts of conscience

Utility disconnection requirements, certificate of need, persons at risk

Workers' Compensation, definition of physician, delete territory

Workers' Compensation, medical professional, modification

Workers' compensation, physicians, license issued by other states

Workers' compensation, physicians licensed by other states

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