Rep. Bauman, Jared Sponsored Bills

An asterisk(*) next to a bill request denotes primary sponsorship. If a session does not appear it is because the legislator does not have any sponsored bills for the session.

2023 Regular Session 

2023 Regular Session Top

Bill Title
HB 1 AN ACT relating to income taxation.
HB 3 AN ACT relating to juvenile justice and making an appropriation therefor.
HB 18 AN ACT relating to dual credit scholarships.
HB 46 AN ACT relating to depreciation.
HB 144 AN ACT relating to privacy.
HB 155 AN ACT relating to banning social media applications from public agency technology and declaring an emergency.
HB 174 AN ACT proposing to add a section to the Constitution of Kentucky relating to education funding.
HB 176 AN ACT relating to health care workplace safety.
HB 191* AN ACT relating to vacancies in office.
HB 196 AN ACT relating to the safety and mental health of students.
HB 200 AN ACT relating to the healthcare workforce, making an appropriation therefor, and declaring an emergency.
HB 207 AN ACT relating to internal police communications.
HB 226* AN ACT relating to reorganization.
HB 227* AN ACT relating to school fiscal impact statements.
HB 230 AN ACT relating to voter registration.
HB 319 AN ACT relating to teachers.
HB 322* AN ACT relating to workers' compensation.
HB 331 AN ACT relating to the emergency medical preparedness of schools.
HB 371* AN ACT relating to promoting contraband.
HB 538 AN ACT relating to discipline of students.
HB 547 AN ACT relating to First Amendment rights in public schools.
HB 551 AN ACT relating to wagering and making an appropriation therefor.
HB 571 AN ACT relating to wrongful conviction compensation.
HJR 37* A JOINT RESOLUTION directing the Energy and Environment Cabinet to adopt revisions to the state air quality implementation plan to remove the reformulated gas requirement for Jefferson County and applicable parts of Oldham and Bullitt Counties.
HJR 38* A JOINT RESOLUTION directing and urging the Cabinet for Health and Family Services take actions to improve emergency medical services and declaring an emergency.
HR 15 A RESOLUTION recognizing January 27, 2023, as International Holocaust Remembrance Day.
HR 51 A RESOLUTION recognizing March 2023 as Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month.
HR 53 A RESOLUTION recognizing the 75th anniversary of the enactment of the Women's Armed Services Integration Act.
HR 88 A RESOLUTION honoring the 75th anniversary of the independence of the State of Israel.

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