Housing, Building, and Construction


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Affordable Housing Trust Fund,provides additional funding for - HB 267: HFA (2)
Construction services contract, indemnification clause - HB 449; HB 449: HCS
Electrical employees, industrial manufacturing facilities, exemptions for - SB 184: SCS
Electrician licensure, industrial manufacturing facilities, exemption for - SB 184
Electricians, verifiable experience gained at age sixteen or seventeen applied toward licensure of - HB 419, 499
Eviction, refusal to accept payments as grounds for eviction - HB 205: HFA (4)
protection sprinkler contractor and system designers licensing, liability insurance required - SB 142: FCCR
sprinkler contractors' insurance, changes in - SB 95
Historic or prehistoric human remains on property, limitations created by - HB 331
Home inspectors' insurance policies, oversight board listed on - SB 142: SCS
HVAC permitting process, creation of - HB 421
Landlord-tenant relations, study of directed - HB 205: HFA (2)
Lead, elevated blood levels, testing and reporting of - HB 479
and certificate renewal, birth month, oversight agency for - SB 142; SB 142: SCS
fees in manufactured home communities, reduction of - HB 403
Nonresident licensed electricians, charitable work in Kentucky, permission needed for - HB 281
Nuisances - HB 345
Planning and zoning, urge committee to study subdivision regulations and planning official training - HR 160
Prevailing wage, repeal of - HB 162
Recreational vehicles, remove Recreational Vehicle Certification and Licensure Board duties - SB 181
Rental agreements, written, mandatory for manufactured housing communities - HB 205: HFA (1)
Residential contractor certification program, oversight agency for - HB 61
orientation and gender identity discrimination, prohibition of - SB 173
orientation and gender identity, discrimination based on, prohibit - HB 207
State contracts, raising minimum contract amount requiring bonds - SB 109
Tenant-land lord relations, manufactured housing communities - SB 193
Tobacco warehouses, property assessment moratorium programs and tax credits, eligibility for - HB 428
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