Aged Persons and Aging


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Abuse reporting, attorney exemption - HB 652
directives, Kentucky e-Health Network, electronic registries of - SB 19
directives, Ky e-Health Network, registries of location and existence of - SB 19: SCS
Antibiotic resistance, increase awareness of - HCR 189
Artificially provided nutrition and hydration, withholding, circumstances - SB 95; HB 389
Assault on the elderly, penalty enhancement - HB 315
Audiologists, different board to license the fitting and sale of hearing instruments by - SB 135
Criminal background checks, long-term care facility, new requirement for - HB 177
Dementia and related disorders, training for staff in the care of residents with - HB 483
Elder Justice Act, urge Congress to support - HCR 89
Grandparents, legislative task force on raising grandchildren by - SCR 18
Hospice services, provision of pharmacy services - SB 166; SB 166: HCS
and ambulatory surgical centers data on hospital-acquired infection rates reported by - HB 240
and ambulatory surgical centers, data on hospital-acquired infection rates reported by - HB 34
I-SaveRx Internet program, cooperative agreement with - HB 709
Hospice Day, declaration of - SR 137; HR 134
Prescription Drug Patient Assistance Program, add agencies to assist with - HB 200: HCS
KinCare Support Program, creation of - HB 45; HB 45: SCS, SFA (1)
care facilities, increased penalties for - HB 303
care facilities, sprinkler system, information about - HB 121
care insurance, notification to policyholder prior to premium increase of - HB 717
care, nurse staffing requirements, establishment of - HB 362
Medicaid pay-for-performance demonstrations in long-term care, apply for participation in - SJR 176
Medical and education consent affidavit, combination of the execution of - HB 45: HCS
home inspections, prohibit notification of - HB 360
home, veterans' - HJR 211
Osteoporosis, education and prevention program for - SB 202
Power of attorney, revocation, amendment, and accounting - HB 300
Preneed funeral and burial contracts, certified death verification required to release funds under - HB 142
drug importation from foreign countries, provisions for - HB 163
drug reimportation from Canada, provisions for - SB 27
drugs, Congress encouraged to authorize the importation of - HCR 230
Resource center for aging caregivers, creation of - SB 174: HCS
Resource, counseling, and referral center, creation of - SB 234
Sprinkler systems in long-term care facilities, notification about rooms not equipped with - HB 121: HCS
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