Land Use


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Agricultural district, requirements for - HB 271; HB 271: HCS
Casino gaming facility, permitted use at racetracks - HB 601
Coal mining on two acres or less and on private land, make changes to - SB 136
Covenant not to sue, make changes to - HB 408: SCS
Daniel Boone National Forest, urge Congress not to approve tract sales of - SR 256
Electric transmission lines, Program Review and Investigations Committee study of - SR 238: SCA (1)
Eminent domain, takings for economic development, federal constitutional prohibition of - HCR 24
mobile home and recreational vehicle parks owned by local gov. from KRS 219.310 to 219.410 - HB 94
short festivals organized and operated by local governments from KRS 219.310 to 219.410 - HB 94: SCS
Farm, defined as 10 acres or more, no hunting license for owners and tenants required to hunt on - HB 398
Historic or prehistoric remains on property, procedure for disposition of - HB 627
Hunting, task force to study land available for - SCR 34
Stewardship and Conservation Task Force membership, add Department of Parks to - HCR 120: HCS
Stewardship and Conservation Taskforce, creation of - HCR 120
Local government owned mobile and RV parks, exclude if temporary or seasonal - HB 94: HCS
Manufactured homes and mobile homes, installer certification standards apply to all installations of - HB 94: SFA (1)
Metropolitan and Micropolitan Issues Subcommittee, creation of - HB 348
Mining in Robinson Forest, University of Kentucky required to do - HB 726
Mobile and manufactured home community permit fees - HB 611
Noise compatibility permits, establish system for land near airports - HB 229
Public-private recreational land use agreement - SB 176: HFA (4)
of development rights program for all local governments - HB 558
of development rights, local government, authority for - HB 558: HCA (1)
Recreation, tort liability exemption for - SB 94
Voluntary energy cost assistance funds, creation of - HB 742
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