Taxation, Sales and Use


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fuel facility, renewable energy facility, exemption - HB 5: HCS (2)
fuel or renewable energy facility, coal incentive tax credit, eligible for - HB 5
fuel or renewable energy facility, economic development incentives, eligible for - HB 5
Collection by auctioneer, charitable auctions - HB 24
Durable medical equipment, exempt if covered by Medicaid or Medicare - HB 573
Energy efficiency project, refund for machinery and equipment - HB 5: HCS (2)
Equine farmers, exempt certain purchases - HB 218
LP gas and natural gas used in a commercial greehouse or nursery - HB 330
prepared food sold by churches - HB 75
sales by churches for fundraising activities - SB 93
Exemption for certain purchases made for equine - HB 238
Film industry, amend tax credits for production in Kentucky - HB 554
Master-metered utilities, exemption for - HB 68
fuels taxes, refund for volunteer fire departments - HB 45
vehicle renting companies, allow to charge daily vehicle license recovery fees - HB 310
Sales made by churches for fundraising events, exempt - HB 75: HFA (1)
Straw, wood shavings, and sawdust, exempt from - HB 441
Sales and Use Tax Agreement, conforming changes - HB 360
sales and use tax agreement, technical corrections - HB 360: HCS
holiday for clothing and school supplies - HB 265
Holiday, creation of - HB 60
reform, tax selected services as part of - HB 411
Tax, limestone, manufacturers - HB 568
Tourism attraction projects with lodging facilities at state fairgrounds - HB 319
Tourist attractions, approved costs for - SB 30: HCS (2)
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