911 Service charge, permit local government to designate collection agent other than phone provider

Annexation, treatment of taxes after

Assault in the third degree, include city/county official

Board of elections may require election officers to be present during early voting

Body armor program, unified counties added as eligible for

Canteens, jail and prison, use of profits

Capital construction, best value specifications for

Casino gaming

Casino gaming, approval by voters

Casino gaming, legislative bodies and voters, approval from

Casinos and other gaming venues, approval by voters

Centralized voting centers, study of

Chapter 75 fire protection districts, expansion of territory

Charitable or civic organization, donation boxes, conduct of

Charter, property tax, recall provisions

Closed meetings, restrict membership in organizations which hold

Coal severance tax funds, distribution of

Code enforcement board, define "executive authority"

Code enforcement boards, civil penalties for

Code enforcement boards, include consolidated local governments

Community residential correctional centers, approval

Community residential correctional centers, notice and approval

Confiscated firearms, auction of, permitted uses of proceeds from

Consolidation of

Constables, omnibus revision

Constitutional amendment, local sales and use tax, authority to impose

Controls for privately-constructed residential developments

Coroner or deputy coroner, issuance of death certificate by

Coroners, deputies, number of

County and waste management districts, solid waste taxes and service fees, collection of

County clerk, technical correction

County consolidation, process for

Court house commissions, membership, appointment and compensation

Court house districts, dissolution of

Courthouse districts

Dead body, unclaimed, cremation allowed by coroner

Delinquent tax bills, reduce maximum fees for private purchasers

Demolition or removal of dilapidated buildings, inclusion of manufactured and mobile homes

Dispatch communications personnel, definitions for collective bargaining in urban-county governments

Economic development assistance, county eligibility

Election officers, compensation

Emergency call center funding, study of

Eminent domain, fence replacement

Employee health insurance plans, limit coverage to employee and family members

Employee health insurance plans, limitation of coverage to employee and family members

Employee verification

Federally documented vessels, exempt from local property tax

Felony prisoners, state financial responsibility for

Fire district boundary change, public approval option when no agreement w/nonprofit department

Fire districts, expansion of territory into Chapter 273 districts' territory

Fire districts in, may increase property tax

Firefighters Foundation Program Fund, increase stipend amount

Firefighters, occupational disease, cancer

Funding of emergency 911 call centers, study of

Health facility, convert license, county requirements

Insurance premium tax administration and assessment

Interlocal agreements, provision of services

Jails, staff training

Jails, state takeover, study

Judicial nominating commissions, appointment of members

KLEFP Fund, transfer administration to DOCJT and increase stipend amounts

Land use planning goals, objectives, action by legislative bodies and fiscal court, requirement for

Land use regulations, abatement for commercial development

Legislative bodies and fiscal courts action, proposed planning goals and objectives, clarification

Local Government Economic Assistance Fund, balances in, investment of

Local Government Employees Retirement System, establishment of

Local occupational tax, delete city tax offset

Local occupational taxes, establish centralized collection process

Local option elections, alcoholic beverage sales at veterans' service organizations' posts

Local property tax exemption for private aircraft

Local wage assessments, allow in development areas

Marksmanship certification, peace officers, active and retired

Multipurpose public facility, sales tax rebate for

Municipal incorporation of territory served by fire districts

Notice of hearings, final orders and cellular tower applications, delivery by first-class mail

Oaths, retired and senior justices and judges may administer

Occupational tax, adjust base

Occupational tax base, adjustments to

Occupational tax, remove date limit on Internal Revenue Code reference

Occupational tax return, clarify what must be filed with

Occupational tax, update Internal Revenue Code reference date

Occupational taxes, definition of "compensation"

Office of Surveyor, establish requirements for

Operation and funding of jails, appropriations for

Parking ordinance, law enforcement exemption

Parking ordinances, exemptions for law enforcement

Payment, due date changed

Perpetual care and maintenance cemetery fund requirements, local government exemption

Personal emergency response system, prohibition on local licensing requirement, deletion of

Personal emergency response system providers, guidelines, establish

Personal emergency response system providers, regulation of

Personal information, data protection, notification

Policies, encourage local governments to involve youth in crafting

Poultry houses, set distance from schools and other facilities

Premium tax, study of

Pretrial diversion program

Property tax bills, preparation of bills below threshold amount

Property taxes, mailing address of party contractually responsible for payment, inclusion in deed

Property valuation administrator, office staffing, study

Property valuation administrator study

Property Valuation Administrators Advisory Committee, creation of

Public defender office, establishment of

Public improvement assessment bills, information required by all local governments

PVA Advisory Board membership, specify political affiliation ratio of

PVAs, funding for

Recording officials for local governments

Redesignation of green space use in residential subdivisions, procedure for

Remove of dilapidated buildings, agreement terms, disposition of waste and other contamination

Require notification to state local debt officer when entering into specified financial obligations

Rescue programs, search and rescue programs, omnibus revision

Retirement high-three final compensation window extension for CERS nonhazardous employees

Retirement, high-three final compensation window extension for CERS nonhazardous employees

Roads, devices to limit access to residential subdivisions, ordinance may allow

Sales tax rebate for concession and admission sales at public facilities

Sales tax rebate for public facilities, allow for sale of tangible personal property

Sales tax refund for multipurpose facility

Section 208 water plans, authority work plans, no amendment of

Smoke detectors, inspect single family dwellings for

Solid waste management districts delinquent taxes and fees, collection of

Special meetings, public agencies

Task force on statewide jail consolidation

Task force on statewide jail consolidation, creation of

Tax increment financing, allow current statutes to apply to outstanding applications

Tax increment financing, allow reduction in minimum capital investment

Tax increment financing, allow wage assessments for local only projects

Tax increment financing, clarify law relating to existing projects

Tax increment financing, programs

Text of annual budget, posting on Internet Web site, requirement for

Uniform Real Property Electronic Recording Act, adopt

Voluntary agreements, enable demolition or removal of dilapidated buildings

Volunteer fire departments, tax limits, procedures for expanding

Waste management districts, delinquent fees, fees for collecting

Water district commissioners, compensation for treasurer

Water districts, extension and formation of

Water districts, notification requirements for

Water supply, University of Kentucky to conduct a study of

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