Alternative energy, net-metering for

Biofuel-capable state vehicles, require refueling with biofuels beginning December 1, 2009

Carbon dioxide emissions from coal, planning for capture, management thereof

Center for Renewable Energy Research and Environmental Stewardship, create

Coal gasification, special wastes, treatment as

Coal gasification waste, special wastes, treatment as

Conference committee could not agree

Congratulate and commend Ft. Wright Elementary School's ENERGY WISE Team

Demand-side management, Kentucky Bluegrass Turns Green

Demand-side management of energy in public and private sectors

Efficient use of, promotion of

Emergency mine technicians, surface mining operations, number on site at

Energy efficiency, building and renovation financed by state

Energy efficiency, buildings and renovations financed by state

Energy incentives, create tax credits for solar, efficiency, geothermal, wind

Energy portfolio standards, study

Energy recovery, hazardous waste assessment fee, half rate for

FutureGen pilot project, include city owned utilities

FutureGen tax incentives, establish

Greenhouse gas emissions tracking and reporting, state government, requirements of

Hazardous waste assessment, allocations in fund for

Hazardous waste assessment, change date of

Hazardous waste management fund, energy recovery incineration, rate imposed for

Hazardous waste management fund, fund remittance, change amount of

Hydroelectric generation, direct the Kentucky River Authority to develop

Hydroelectric generation, encourage the Army Corps of Engineers to develop

Incentives, carbon capture ready, amend definition to include compression

LIHEAP, 10 million in current year funding for heating assistance

Natural Gas Acquisition Authority, authorize creation and powers thereof

Natural gas utilities, retail competition

Net electricity metering, add wind, water, or other renewable source of energy

Net metering, expand eligible fuels, increase generator capacity, standardize interconnection

Net metering, expand eligible generators, create statewide interconnection standard

Net metering, include biomass, increase capacity, interconnection guidelines

Net metering, increase cap on customer-generators from 0.1% to 1.0% of single hour peak load

Nuclear power, certification of facilities, nuclear waste disposal requirements for

Nuclear power facility, certification for

Nuclear power, radioactive wastes, storage of

Public Service Commission, executive branch ethics code lobbying provisions applied to

Public Service Commission, penalties for violation, increase

Renewable energy facility, lower minimum capital investment

Residential energy incentives, create tax credits for solar, efficiency, geothermal

Sales tax exemption, multi-unit residential fuel billing

Tax incentives, vegetable oil used to power motor vehicles

Underground facilities, damage protection thereof

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