Health and Medical Services

Abortion, provide ultrasound prior to

Air ambulances, exemption of sales tax on services of

Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders Advisory Council, membership, reorganization of

Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders Advisory Council, reorganization of

Alzheimer's disease state plan, recommendations, direct action of

American Board of Interventional Pain Physicians, recognition of

Anatomical Gift Act, donors

Anatomical Gift Act, omnibus revision

Appointment, cabinet secretary, Health & Family Services

Assault, 3rd degree, include licensed health care professionals

Autism Awareness Day and Month, recognition of

Autism Spectrum Disorders, creation of, office for

Automated external defibrillator, require at school and athletic events

Blood donation, age 16 years, parental consent for

Blood donations, African-Americans, encouragement of

Blood testing, DUI

Breast and cervical cancer treatment, Medicaid coverage for

Cancer, clinical trials for treatment of, health plan coverage of

Care partnerships program, establish

Casino gaming moneys, distribution of

Certified surgical assistants, provisions for

Child care provider, tuberculosis risk assessment requirements for

Children, toys and children's product safety

Chiropractors, insurance reimbursement

Chronic kidney disease, create task force to study

Colon Cancer Screening Program, establishment of

Colon Cancer Screening program, limit program to funding

Colorectal cancer screening, coverage for

Community residential care-facility, define

Companionship services, minimum wage and overtime, exemption of

Controlled substances monitoring system, accounts to receive data from

Data on health care costs, quality and outcomes, report required

Death certificates, authorize filing at local health departments

Dental examination, admittance to school, preschool, Head Start program, establish

Dental professionals, disciplinary actions and fines, established

Dental screening or examination, requirement for

Dental screening, school requirement for

Dental services, nonprofit, volunteer, licensure, permit exemption

Dentistry board, membership qualifications

Dentistry board, membership qualifications for

Denturists, licensure of

Dependent children, twenty-six years of age or younger, health insurance for

Dialysis, prohibit balance billing

Direct Care Staffing Incentive Program, establishment of

Drug screens and blood tests, permit database

Drug screens and blood tests, require insurers to cover

Electronic claims, pharmacies, requirements for

Electronic claims, pharmacy benefits administrator, requirements for

Emergency medical technicians, NREMT testing requirement, removal of

Employer wellness project model

Enhanced pharmacy-related primary care, certification for

Enhanced pharmacy-related primary care, study scope of practice

Facility, patient visitation rights

Facility, patient visitation rights, provide

Family resource youth services centers, health services, may provide

Firefighters, disabled in line of duty, health and life insurance state supplement, CPI adjustment

Gunshot and stab wounds, reporting of

Health benefit plan, coverage of mammograms by

Health care providers, payment or fee schedules provided to

Health-care facilities, reports of violations, retaliation prohibited

Health-care practitioners, care for ambulance transported patients by

HIV, confirmatory test requirement, delete

HIV rapid test, disclosure of results, establish

Hospice Day, Kentucky, January 31, 2008, declared as

Human papillomavirus, require school districts to provide information to parents regarding

Immunization certificate for hepatitis B, require on school file

Immunization, human papillomavirus, delete requirement

Immunization, human papillomavirus, delete requirement, require pregnancy test prior to

Immunization, human papillomavirus, require pregnancy test prior to

Immunization, meningococcal meningitis disease, middle school children

Immunization, pneumococcal disease, elementary school children

Immunizations, human papillomavirus, required of school-age children

Immunizations, human papillomavirus, school-age children

Infection, health facility-acquired, prevention procedures

Infection, health facility-acquired, report rates

KCHIP, continuous enrollment and online applications for

KCHIP, presumptive eligibility period, continuous enrollment and online applications for

Kentucky Hospice Day, January 31, 2008, declared as

Kentucky Institute of Medicine, recognize

Legend drug repository program, establishment of contracts, create

Legend drug repository program, reporting requirement, establish

Live organ donation, leave time for

Live organ donation, tax credit for

Long-term care facilities, increased penalties for

Long-term care facilities, nurse staffing requirements, establishment of

Long-term care facilities, ownership, disclosure of

Long-term care partnership, creation of

Medicaid fraud, civil and administrative proceedings for

Medical assistance, membership on advisory council, expand

Medical Foster Home, define

Medical malpractice, constitutional amendment

Medical malpractice, omnibus reform

Metabolic conditions, special foods, insurance coverage

Mobile home and related communities, remove Health & Family Services authority over

Mold remediation, standards for, establish

Nurses, causes for disciplinary action against

Nursing schools, licensure examinations, requirements for

Office on Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders, activities of

Organ donation, require from relative

Organ donor program, inmate, establish

Orthotics, prosthetics, and pedorthics, licensing and regulation of practitioners of

Outpatient facility, add beds, convert license, county requirements

Partial birth abortion

Pedorthist, orthotists, and prosthetists, certification and standards of practice for

Penitentiary inmates, HIV/AIDS testing

Personal emergency response system providers, guidelines, establish

Personal emergency response system providers, regulation of

Personal emergency response systems and other alarm systems, regulation of contractors providing

Personal emergency response systems, regulate private residential use and sale of

Personal emergency response systems, supervision of

Personal services, providers, certification of

Pharmacy board's per diem, cap increased

Pharmacy technician registration, qualifications for

Physician assistants, controlled substance prescriptive authority, establish

Physician assistants, separate and nonseparate locations, requirements for practice in

Physician assistants, training and experience, requirements for

Practice of psychology, continuing education requirements increased

Prescription drug importation from foreign countries, provisions for

Prescription drug importation, request information from the FDA

Prescription drugs, senior citizens, provide assistance for purchase of

Primary responder, designation of

Problem gambling awareness and treatment fund, creation of

Professional art therapy practice, licensing of

Professional standards of care, noncompliance report required

Prosthetic, orthotic, and pedorthic licensure act, name in honor of Henry Brown

Prosthetics, insurance coverage for

Prosthetics, orthotics, and pedorthics, licensing and regulation of practitioners of

Prosthetics, orthotics, and pedorthics, practitioner reimbursement and licensing board functions

Prosthetist, orthotist, pedorthist, and orthotic fitter licensure, direct LRC staff study of

Public health, independent district, contracts permitted

Recipients, Medicaid, provide statement of services to

School dental screening or examination, requirement for

Speech and language pathologist and audiologists, licensure requirements for

Speech-language pathologist or audiologist, licensure requirements for

Speech-language pathology and audiology board, actions of and fees charged by

State Board of Medical Licensure, change membership of

Student dental health certificates, requirement for

Student dental screening, requirement for

Supports for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders Program, creation of

Surgical assistants, temporary certification for

Surgical technology, regulate and limit the practice of

Surgical technology study, regulating the practice of

Toys, prohibit sale of recalled

Tracking devices, implantation in humans

Veterans in nursing homes, waiver for Medicaid asset recovery of estate, application for

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