Traffic Safety

Accident, leaving scene of, penalty increase

Alcohol and drug tests for CDL holders, suspension of CDL for positive test

Boating violations, penalties for

Cell phones, permit use in case of emergency

Cell phones, use by driver with instruction permit or intermediate driver's license, prohibition

Certificates for driving, establish procedures for application and issuance

Child booster seats, requirement

Child booster seats, requirement for

Child booster seats, requirement of

Commercial driver's licensees, testing for drug and alcohol

Deer population control, dangers, direct agency study

Deer study, set report dates

DUI, alcohol concentration, drug use, delete attorney contact

DUI, alcohol concentration, drug use, delete right to telephone attorney upon arrest

DUI, alcohol concentration, drug use, restore attorney contact

DUI, blood testing

DUI, effect of prior convictions

DUI, provisions relating to

DUI, study of

Establish complete streets priority in state transportation projects

Highway work zone, speeding in, required notice for double fines

Kentucky State Horse Park, restrictions on certain vehicles and trailers

Kentucky Vehicle Enforcement, recognition of accreditation

Leaving vehicle unattended, delete prohibition

Leaving vehicle unattended, prohibition on

Motor vehicle event data recorder, requirements for use

Motor vehicles, use of headlamps in work zone

Permit and intermediate license holders, prohibit wireless device use while driving

Personal telecommunication device, meaning of

Pretrial diversion program

Railroad grade crossings, inspection of

Soliciting contributions on highways by minors, require adult supervision of

State Horse Park, restrictions on vehicles and horse trailers

Text messaging, prohibited while operating a motor vehicle

Traffic signal, inoperative at intersection, when to proceed

Wireless device, use prohibited while operating a motor vehicle

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