Children and Minors

Adopted children, employer to grant equal rights to parents, guardians of

Alcoholic beverage, special appeal to minors, definition of

Alcoholic beverage, special appeal to minors, sticker, providing for

Alcoholic beverages with special appeal to minors, provisions of

Body piercing, ears, exclusion from, definition of

Books for preschoolers

Breast-feeding, penalty for violation of law that permits practice in public, establish

Capital punishment, allow prior child abuse as an aggravating circumstance

Cassie Burch Safe Teenage Driver Law, recognizing the

Child custody, temporary, time limitation

Child support, disbursement fee, charge noncustodial parent for

Child-care centers, evacuation plan, requirement for

Childhood hearing loss, assessment and diagnosis of

Children under one year of age, allow accessible parking placards for parents of

Civilian parents on military bases, rights afforded students

Compulsory school age, raising from 16 to 18

Consumer product safety, provide information on

Consumer product safety, provide information to child-care providers

Court appointed special advocates, programmatic and procedural provisions for

Credit card solicitations on college campuses, regulation of

Custodial sexual abuse, sealing of record in civil actions, requirement for

Custody determination, additional factor for

DNA database, collection and utilization of samples

DNA samples, from whom taken, use

Drug court programs, operation, funding

Dyslexia, screening for

Dyslexia, testing and programs for children with

Emergency protective orders, custody and visitation

Enlistees in armed services, exemption from driver education requirements

Family Trust Program, establishment of special needs trust program for the disabled

Foster care, approval of outside of legal marriage

Foster care or adoption, prohibition of outside of legal marriage

Health care insurance coverage, court order for

Homelessness, prevention, continue pilot project for

Hospitals, patient transport to by ambulance service

Human sexuality education, content standards

Immunizations, human papillomavirus, require

Internet facilitated crimes and conduct, provisions relating to

Interscholastic athletics, safety, study of

Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children, replacement of

Interviews, criminal conduct, restrictions

Life imprisonment without parole, youthful offender may be sentenced to, when

Medical support, appropriate health care insurance coverage, court order for

Minors, parental consent, requirement for

Operator's license, allow for 17-year old enlistees

Parent-teacher conferences, required attendance at

Paternity, determination, evidence, and venue, clarification and updating of

Paternity determination, evidence and venue, clarification and updating of

Paternity, determination of

Paternity, rebuttable presumption, venue and appeal

Physical activity for children, requirement of

Physical activity, requirement of

Possession of alcoholic beverages, prohibition of

Power of attorney for care of minor child, creation of and requirements for

Pregnancy resources centers, financial assistance to

Preschool education, Strong Start Kentucky Program

Private Child Care Provider Reimbursement Rates, appropriation for

Religious viewpoints, student expression of

Scholarship program, autism

School attendance, compulsory age, remove 17 to 18 provision

School attendance, excused absence from

School calendar, disaster days

School council parent member, criminal background check

School property, sexual or violent offender prohibited from

School-based decision making councils, parent member, criminal records check

Sex offenses, crimes relating to

Sexual abuse by persons operating confinement facility

Sexual abuse in the first degree, by persons operating confinement facility

Sexual assault and sexual abuse against children, extend civil statute of limitation

Sexual exploitation of minors, forfeiture of property

Sexual offenders, restriction on residency and activities

Small farm wineries, on premises of

Smoking, prohibit while operating a motor vehicle

Solicitation of contributions on highways, requirement for adult supervision

Sports safety course, coaches to complete

Student assessment, arts and humanities

Suicide prevention awareness and training information, requirement for

Technology, digital citizenship

Technology, middle school students

Teenage driver, intermediate license, Cassie Burch Safe Teenage Driver Law

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