Anatomical gifts, consistency of provisions governing

Benefits increase, death, line of duty deaths

Cooper, David Keith, memorializing

Dead body, unclaimed, cremation allowed by coroner

Emergency services personnel, line of duty, benefits for

Gilliam, Lance Corporal Chadwick Allen, memorializing

Gullett, Specialist Jeremy R., memorializing

Human remains, initial removal, requirements for

Identification and interment of veterans' remains, information gathered for

Kohlhaas, Sergeant Adam J., memorializing

Life imprisonment without parole, youthful offender may be sentenced to, when

McElroy, Major John Lee, memorializing

McMillan, Specialist William L., memorializing

Presumption of death for absent persons, decrease in years required

Reilly, Lance Corporal Thomas, memorializing

Rudd, Sergeant William Patrick, memorializing

Suicide Prevention Week

Suicide Prevention Week, declare

Turner, Sergeant Estell, Lee., memorializing

Unclaimed bodies, cremation, prohibition of for same

Wallace, Sergeant Daniel W., memorializing

Ward Sr., Sergeant Joshua A., memorializing

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