911 communications, procedure for release of

911 Communications, procedure for release of

Child-care centers, evacuation plan, requirement for

Coal mine rescue team training, coal mine inspections, counted as

Communications services, refund for lost service during a declared state of emergency

Emergency action plans, high hazard impoundments, limitation on

Emergency Preparedness Fair, April 25, 2009, recognize on

Emergency services personnel, line of duty, deaths and injuries, benefits for

Good Samaritan emergency medical care, liability for

Good Samaritan law, applicability during emergency

High hazard impoundments, emergency action plans, file and approval of

Impoundment breach, emergency action plans, requirements for

January 27, 2009, storm relief efforts, recognition of

Statewide wireless phone emergency text notification, implementation for the deaf & hard of hearing

Theft during disaster or emergency, sentencing and penalty

Utility communications during a declared state of emergency, requirements for

Wireless cellular transmission towers, backup generators for

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