Economic Development

Alcoholic beverage sales at certain convention centers, allow to promote economic development

Authorize pilot project for clean coal energy production

Center for Renewable Energy Research, creation of

Center for Renewable Energy Research, membership, executive director

Commission on Small Business Advocacy

Create new incentives for the expansion of existing tourism projects

Development incentives, require Kentucky wage component for advance disbursement

Domestic manufacturers, urge Congress to support

Economic development incentive programs, omnibus revisions

Economic incentives for large scale dairy farms, study of

Energy incentives for carbon capture and sequestration, technical corrections

Film industry, tax credits

Film industry tax credits

Global exports, require Cabinet for Economic Development to study

Horseback riding trails, direct Fish and Wildlife to designate

Incentives for reinvestment in existing businesses

Incentives, searchable Web site

Income tax credit, establish for certain employers for educational expenses on behalf of employees

International Business Relations Committee, create permanent LRC Committee

Kentucky Capitol Centennial Commission, establish

Legacy expansion projects, include Kentucky employment factor

Local development areas, termination date, extension to 30 years

Local economic development areas, allow time extension in specific cases

Local Government Economic Assistance Fund, balances in, investment of

Local Government Economic Development Fund, administration of

Local government economic development fund, use of

Metropolitan College, defined

Minimum wage target, definition, benefits included

New Markets Development Program, tax credits for

Older worker workforce training, study of

Programs, omnibus revisions

Railroad construction, include as acceptable cost

Reporting of data to LRC

Small business development

Small business, government purchasing

Small business tax credit, remove cap reduction

Southern States Energy Compact, effective date of ratification

State/Executive Branch Budget Bill, repeal and reenact amendment of

Tar sands, add to definition for alternative transportation fuels, set minimum investment

Tax increment financing

Tax increment financing, expand qualifying projects

Tax increment financing, preferences for Kentucky firms

Tax Increment Financing, reduce minimum investment in limited circumstances

Tax increment financing, reduce minimum investment level

Tax increment financing, requirements for

Tourism Development Act, require annual reporting

Tuition assistance credits, allow credit to be claimed only for Kentucky residents

Tuition assistance credits, establish an annual cap of five million dollars

Tuition tax credit program, allow credit for students enrolled in Metropolitan College

Video lottery terminals, implementation as a tourist attraction

Water and Sewer Projects, repeal and reenactment of

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