Local Government

911 emergency services, improvement and funding of

American made uniforms and safety equipment, require acquisition

Associations, requirements for

Auditor of Public Accounts, authority to audit water associations and nonprofit fire departments

Bond bids, advertisement of

Brush Mountain Trail, restoration and management

Carbon dioxide pipeline, right of condemnation and economic incentives for

CERS, allow certain agencies to opt out of participation in the state health plan

Certified electrical inspectors, inspections

Charitable foundations, local, funding for

Charter-county governments, taxing procedures

Cities, reclassification of

City and county civil service commission, creation of by ordinance

City of Cadiz, reclassification

City of Taylorsville, fifth to fourth class

City officials training program

City officials training program, deletion of felony penalty

Civil enforcement of planning and zoning violations

Code of ethics, addition of property valuation administrators

Combined Sewer Overflow control measures, support for requiring EPA to consider affordability of

Comprehensive environmental status review, requirement for within comprehensive plans

Consolidated local government, study of

Contracts, Kentucky businesses, preference for

Counties, Kentucky Mountain Trail Corporation membership, addition to counties

County officers and employees, reasonable compensation of

County ordinances, procedure for enactment and amendment

County roads and city streets, use of golf carts on

County-managed waste tire program, waste tire fund, allocation of

Department for Local Government, reorganization, Executive Order 2009-540

Electronic games of skill, county approval of

Electronic games of skill, local government approval of

Emergency medical technicians and paramedics, supplemental distribution to

Entities affiliated with local government officials, operating requirements

Expenditures, Web sites showing

Expenditures, Web sites showing, study of

Fire protection subdistricts, dissolution of

Firefighters totally disabled in line of duty, CPI adjustment to insurance payments

Geologist registration for state and local employees, effective date for requirement of

Government Economic Assistance Fund, balances in investment of

Gross revenues and excise tax fund, "hold-harmless amount"

Human remains, treatment and preservation of, Commonwealth's role in, effects on local government

Instruments filed, certification that Social Security numbers excluded

Insurance premium taxes

Jails, provision of medical services in

Jails, unclaimed funds

Kentucky Commission on Public Health, creation of the

Kentucky Mountain Trail Corporation, establish and authorize trail systems

KY Mountain Trail Corporation, add counties and board members, remove from state employee system

Legal notices, failure to timely publish

Livestock commission, citizen member, selection method

Livestock commission, organic farmer, consideration of

Livestock commission, standards, broaden factors for

Livestock standards, restrictions to

Local governments, apply provisions to

Local governments, enforcement of criminal provisions

Local taxation of business; amend administrative requirements

Mayor of consolidated local government's duties and powers

Municipal utility, statutory lien, creation of

Occupational license fees, centralized return system

Organizations composed of city and county officials, accountability requirements

Organizations composed of city and county officials, operating requirements

Organizations composed of city and county officials, operating requirements for

Organizations of city and county officials, expenditure records

Planning and zoning, comprehensive plans

Planning and zoning, enforcement

Planning and zoning, ethics

Planning and zoning, ethics of

Planning and zoning, fines

Planning and zoning, inclusion of commission members and employees in local ethics codes

Planning and zoning, land use plans, contacting entities required to be contacted, method of

Planning and zoning, land use plans, method of contacting entities required to be contacted

Procurement procedures, reverse auctions in, use of

Procurement procedures, reverse auctions, use of

Public agency waste planning, compact fluorescent light bulbs, safe disposal of

Public employees, omnibus collective bargaining bill for

Quasi-governmental agencies selling insurance, disclosure requirements for

Radon testing in public buildings in certain counties

Records, proper protection of

Regional provision of wastewater services, pilot project for

Regional wastewater commission, participation in

Restrictions on carbon dioxide emissions, prohibition on enforcement of

Revenue bonds, definition of "building" or "industrial building"

Sales of alcoholic beverages at state parks, local option election for

Solid waste and recovered materials collectors, displacement of

Solid waste collectors and recyclers, displacement of

Souvenir retail liquor licensees, hours and days of operation to be set by local ordinance

Spouse abuse shelter fund, marriage license fees, increase of

State retirement systems, bodies participating in, open records law, application of

State/Executive Branch Budget

State/Executive Branch Budget Memorandum

Stray equines, taking up and posting of

Uniform financial information report, reporting date

Urban-county boards of health, increased contract amounts for

Urban-county boards of health, purchase amount requiring contract, increase of

video lottery terminals in counties with racetracks, voter approval of, constitutional amendment

Water and sewer services, changes to governance of

Wurtland, City of, reclassify from sixth to fifth

Wurtland, City of, reclassify from sixth to fifth class

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