Education, Elementary and Secondary

ADHD medication, school employee recommendation to parent, prohibition of

African-American male student achievement, study of

Aliens, unauthorized, prohibit hiring of

Alternative Education Programs, staffing of

April Helton, Knox County, signs in honor of

Area technology centers, state funds, transfer of

Area technology centers, state-operated, transfer of

Athletic teams, assignment to

Attendance areas, establishment by local boards

Attendance in schools closest to residence

Bible literacy, curriculum for

Bible literacy, establishment of elective courses in

Body mass index, preventative healthcare examination forms

Body mass index, school physical examination forms

Calendar, adjusted for missed days, weather or illness

Career and technical education, purposes of

Charter school, requirements for

Charter schools

Charter schools, application and approval of

Charter schools, establishment of

Charter schools, HB 103 provisions

Charter schools, renewal or revocation of charter

Chiropractor, health examinations

Chronic health conditions, school health services for

Compulsory attendance, age limit, raising of

Compulsory school attendance age, raising of

Department of Education, reorganization

Digital citizenship, inclusion in discipline code and professional development

Discipline guidelines, definitions included

Districts of innovation, authorization of

Early childhood assessment and intervention, district-wide implementation of

Early education assessment and intervention, implementation of

Early education screening and intervention, provision for

Early graduation program of study, creation of

Education Cabinet, secretary, election of

Elementary and secondary education funding, study of

Employees, collective bargaining permitted

Employment, relative of principal, permit under certain circumstances

Evaluation, certified personnel

Evaluation, educators, prohibition of

February, 2011, Kentucky Negro Educational Association, Inc. Month, designating

Foster children, dual credit and dual enrollment courses, tuition waiver

Funding adjustments, local districts

Governor's Scholars Program, transfer, Education and Workforce Development Cabinet

Great Schools Tax Credit Program, establish

Instruction, voting for twelfth-grade students

Instructional days missed, makeup of

Instructional days missed, make-up of

Instructional days missed, makeup of

Instructional days required, exemption for districts with innovative calendars

Instructional days required, exemptions for districts with innovative calendars

Instructional time, alternative methods to make up

Juvenile status offense actions, requirements for

K-2 intervention programs, evaluation of

Kentucky Board of Education, appointment of Jonathan V. Parrent to

Kentucky Board of Education, appointment of Martha M. Jones to

Kentucky Board of Education, appointment of Mary Gwen Wheeler to

Kentucky Board of Education, appointment of Roger L. Marcum to

Kentucky Board of Education, appointment of William L. Twyman to

Kentucky Board of Education, reappointment of C. B. Akins, Sr. to

Kentucky Board of Education, reappointment of Judith H. Gibbons to

Kentucky Center for African-American Heritage, objectives

Kentucky Schools for the Deaf and Blind, administrators, salary schedules

Laptop computers, middle school students, study

Laumeyer, Laureen, recognizing and honoring

Lengthened instructional day, time constraints

Lengthened instructional days, requirements for

Lengthened instructional days, requirements of

Mabry, Hannah, honoring

Mandates on public schools, financial support for

Oral health screenings, public health programs for

Pedge of allegiance, schools shall offer

Persistently low-achieving schools, development of charter schools in lieu of

Persistently low-achieving schools, intervention options, clarification of

Physical activity of children, assessment of and data use

Physical activity of children, increasing

Pledge of allegiance, designated time

Prevailing wage exemption, providing for

Principal candidates, access to applications of persons certified for the position

Principal selection, appointment by the superintendent after consultation with the school council

Principal selection, process for

Principal selection, role of council members

Principal selection, role of superintendent

Programs, alternative education

Programs, career and technical education

Programs, health improvement

Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic, recognizing

Reducing caseloads for speech language pathologists; study for

Scholarship eligible high school student, definition of

School and district audit procedures, changes to

School attendance

School board candidates, limit on campaign contributions, increase of

School boards, counties with city of first class, increase members of

School buses, advertisers on

School buses, commercial advertising on

School calendar, adjustments to

School calendar, starting date

School employee, hiring of superintendent's spouse

School facilities, urgent needs

School meal program, clarification of access to

School superintendent, employing spouse of

School term, minimum days required

School trips, certified or classified staff to accompany

Schools of innovation, board to select

Schools of innovation, requirements for participation as

School-sponsored trips, accompanying students on

Scientific theories, critical analysis, teaching of

Sex education

Sex education program, components of

Sex education program, training for teachers of

Sexton, Dr. Robert Fenimore, memorializing

State-adopted textbooks, error correction in

Student assignment plans, funds for implementation of

Student expression of religious beliefs, protection of

Student expression of religiously based opinions, protection of

Student religious expression, support of

Students with disabilities, alternative high school diploma for

Suicide prevention, Rachael's Law

Support education excellence in Kentucky, additional funds, distribution of

Teacher performance reviews, appeals of review panel

Teacher selection training module, development and completion of

Teachers, leaves of absence

Teachers of advanced science and mathematics, monetary awards for

Truancy reporting, students with autism spectrum disorder, exemption from

Truants, detention and release to school by peace officer

Unexpended SEEK funds, use and distribution of

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