Mental Health

Alcohol and substance abuse treatment for pregnant and post-partum women

Bracco, Dr. Howard F., honor on retirement

Cabinet for Health and Family Services, appointment of secretary

Cabinet for Health and Family Services, secretary, election of

Combat military personnel and combat veterans, PTSD, direct attention and resources, treatment of

Compulsive gamblers awareness and treatment fund, creation of

Direct Support Professionals Recognition Month, declaration of

Dr. Howard F. Bracco, honor on retirement

Intellectual Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month, declare March 2011

Involuntary commitment information, KSP to transmit to FBI NICS background check system

Law enforcement, reporting requirement, established

Legislative Task Force on Childhood Obesity, establishment

Medicaid, contracts, oversight of

Mental defective, prohibition firearm possession, relief from disability

Mental health commitment, firearms disability, remove reference to District Court, retain "court"

Mental health evaluation, use of telehealth for

Mentally ill, release of, notice

Patient records, disclosure of

Restoration of firearm rights, allowance only in court declaring the person mentally ill

Severely mentally ill defense, use in criminal case

Special needs trusts, assistance relating to

Technical advisory committee, behavioral health, establishment of

Technical advisory committee, children's health, establishment of

Technical advisory committee, intellectual and developmental disabilities, establishment of

Technical advisory committee, therapy services, establishment of

Telehealth, mental health evaluation, permit use of

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