Civil Actions

Agreed case, submission to court, technical correction, change must to shall

Arbitration, enforcement of agreements

Boards of education, immunity from liability for use of school property

Bringing a prisoner or patient from another state for treatment in Kentucky, requirements

Business entities, miscellaneous provisions relating to

Business trusts, formation and governance of

Comparative fault action, procedures

Contracts, roof repair, cancellation of

Crime Victims Compensation Board, application, procedures

Defendant to an action, creditor, technical correction, change must to shall

Deliberations, jury, technical correction

Domestic relations, personal identifiers

Domestic violence, care and custody of pets

Domestic violence, coverage of dating couples

Domestic violence proceedings, extend to dating couples age 18 or over

Domestic violence proceedings, extension to dating couples age 18 or over

Domestic violence provision, make gender-neutral

Electric shock drowning safety requirements, civil action for

Eminent domain, valuation of contiguous parcels

Estates, informal periodic settlement

Exonerated felon may bring civil action against state for wrongful incarceration

Expert physician witnesses, expert witness certificate program, creation

False claims act, creation of

False Claims Act, creation of

Foreclosure and deficiency judgments, time for bringing action

Foreign law, application of, protection of rights

Good Samaritan law protection, extend to all persons

Home improvement contract, standards, procedures, remedies

Human trafficking, cause of action and statute of limitations for

Juvenile status offense actions, requirements and prohibitions

Kentucky Computer Decency Act, prohibition on anonymous postings

Land surveyors, statute of limitations relating to

Leases, construction of contract provisions

Local firearms ordinances and restrictions, limits on

Maintenance orders for spouses, availability of automatic payment methods

Malpractice, frivolous claims, review of, constitutional amendment

Medical review panel, utilization in long-term-care facility litigation

Motor carriers, fuel cost disclosures and fuel cost reimbursements, guidelines for

Motor vehicle, restitution penalties for operating without insurance

Name, change of for child, add Circuit Court and Family Court

Paternity, child born out of wedlock, defined

Pawnbrokers, precious metals and gemstones, receipt and disposal

Private transfer fees, prohibition, remedies

Requirement that electrical safety violations be admissible in civil actions, removal of

School property, immunity for recreational use of

Silicosis disease claims, procedures for

Standard of care, installation of controls in motor vehicle for disabled person

Unified Juvenile Code, review of, task force

Wrongful death actions, unborn children, inclusion of

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