Appraisal management company education, research, and recovery fund, creation of

Boiler and pressure vessel inspectors, licensing fees for

Boiler external piping inspectors, licensing fee for

Class D felony record, expungement of, procedure, exceptions

Clerks, fee for attaching notice of methamphetamine contamination or decontamination to deeds

Cosmetologists, threading, permit fee

County clerks, delete copying fee

DNA, requirement of sample collection at arraignment

Fire departments that charge, sheriff's retention of percentage

Housing, Buildings and Construction, electrical inspecting and permitting fees charged by

Hunting and fishing license fees, resident rate for veterans

License fees, tattoo artist or instructor, body piercing technician or instructor, establishment of

Long-term care administrators, license for

Medical imaging and radiation therapy board, licensing and related fees charged by

Medical records, amount for reproduction

National and State Background Check Program

Occupational license fees, limit to percentage basis

Prepaid wireless service charge, establishment of

Probate, estates of those killed in line of duty, exemption for

Real estate, private transfer fees, prohibition of

Sanitation districts, levying rates or charges for storm drainage/water services

Sheriffs, fees for collecting volunteer fire department subscriber fees and membership charges

Stale treasury check reissuance fee, repeal of

Third-party purchasers, amend fee language

Traffic safety programs, additional fee for deputy circuit clerks

Traffic safety programs, operation of

Tuition waiver for family if death is duty-related, definition of "law enforcement officer"

Unclassified acquirer license, tobacco products, increase

Waste Tire Working Group and new tire fee, repeal of

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