Motor Vehicles

Busses, taxicabs, smoking prohibition

Chiropractic fees, motor vehicle injuries, reimbursement subject to workers' compensation fees

Constables, legislative bodies prohibited to remove duty to cite nonmoving motor vehicle offenses

County attorney-operated traffic safety programs, provide exclusions for

Defective new motor vehicles, limited extension of time frame to repair vehicle

Disabled parking placards, tamper-evident color coded stickers, requirements for

Disabled veteran license plates, no charge for 50% service-connected disability

Driving under the influence with a child in vehicle, create offense

DUI, ignition interlock device, utilization of

DUI, penalties imposed

DUI, refusal to sign waiver as refusal to consent to test

Electric personal assistive mobility devices, definition

Electric personal assistive mobility devices, exemption from definition of motor vehicle

Electric personal assistive mobility devices, reduce speed limit of roads where allowed

Fleet, ability to require conversion to LNG or CNG, deletion of

Funeral processions, emergency flasher lights, requirement for

Gold Star Sibling special license plate, establishment

I Support Veterans special license plate, effective date

I Support Veterans special license plate, effective date for

Insurance, glass repair and replacement, exempt from notice provisions

Insurance requirement violation, threshold for

KAVIS System, use for registration and titling, restriction of, effective 1/1/14

Leases, construction of contract provisions

Medical expenses, motor vehicle injuries, reimbursement subject to workers' compensation fees

Mobile homes and recreational vehicles, require reporting to property valuation administrators

Motor vehicle instruction permit holder, 21 year old passenger requirement, exemption from

Motorcycle instruction permits, eligibility for

NASCAR special license plates, establish

Natural gas, liquefied or compressed, as vehicle fuel, tax incentives

Operator's licenses, mail renewal for full-time students out of state

Overdimensional farm implements, escort vehicle requirements

Prohibited actions by agent or insurer relating to extraordinary life events, delete

Public transportation, offenses against user or operator of

Publicly owned vehicles, mandatory inspections of

Purple Heart license plate, design requirements

Repair facility, insurance claimant's right to choose

Reparation benefits, authority of attorney or insured to direct reimbursement for injuries

Reparation obligor, limited health service benefit plan, reimbursement

Repossessed vehicles, reporting of and procedures for, clarification of

Restitution penalties, operating without insurance

Retail installment contracts, terms and interest computation requirements, establish

RV park permit requirements, limited exemptions

Seat belt requirements, apply to 15-passenger vans

Shock probation, prohibit, DUI death

Special license plates, I Support Veterans, effective date for, change of

Speed limit, increase on United States Route 68/Kentucky Route 80

Speed limits, Interstate 69, 70 MPH

Standard of care, installation of controls in motor vehicle for disabled person

Tires, rubber on all vehicle wheels, requirement for

Title and registration applications, legal presence requirement

Titles, minimum space for dealer assignments

Titles, recording when more than two owners

Traffic safety programs, additional fee for deputy circuit clerks

Transportation Cabinet, ability to promulgate regulations regarding driver license testing

Transporting over dimensional farm equipment, safety signs and equipment, requirement for

Uniform traffic citations, forward a copy to the parent or guardian of drivers under the age of 18

Vehicle equipment requirements, technical corrections

Vehicle headlamps, require use during periods of precipitation

Vehicle headlamps, use during periods of precipitation

Vehicle plate to customer system, procedures for, effective 1/1/14

Wheel weights, prohibition on lead and mercury in

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