Alternative evaluation system, approval of

Alternative methods of instruction, granting of instructional days for

Assessment procedure violations, clarification of

Career and technical education teachers, transfer of

Cassie Drury, honoring for academic excellence

Charter schools, employees of

Compulsory school attendance age, optional raising of

Compulsory school attendance age, raising of, statewide implementation for

Doolin, Kristal, Knox County, 2013 Teacher of Year, signs in honor of

Due process appeal procedures, termination of teachers

Evaluation, statewide system

Financial literacy courses in all schools, encouragement of

Kentucky Association for Career and Technical Education, recognition of

Music In Our Schools Month, proclaiming

Nonresident pupils, SEEK funding for

Persistently low-achieving schools, charter school option for

Position vacancies, notification of, time requirement for

Preschool programs, eligibility dates for enrollment

Preschool programs for children with disabilities, funding of

Refugees and legal aliens, services for

School administration of certain medications, requirements for

School and student safety review subcommittee, creation of

School and student safety task force, appointment of

School calendar, adjustments to

School councils, qualifications of members

School incidents involving law enforcement, reporting of

School safety assessment, encouragement of

School safety, discipline code

School safety, emergency plans, discussion of

School safety, emergency plans, requirements for

Second grade promotion, reading proficiency required for

Statewide evaluation program, approve waiver request

Statewide evaluation program, delete parent surveys for

Statewide evaluation program, encourage parent surveys for

Statewide evaluation program, individual data, disclosure of

Statewide evaluation program, require parent surveys for

Statewide evaluation program, revise definitions for

Statewide evaluation program, waiver process for

Students with Special Needs Scholarship Program, establishment of

Superintendent of the Year, Randolph Poe, honoring

Teacher tenure, continuation of in subsequent districts

Teachers of advanced science and mathematics, monetary awards for

Voluntary expression of religious viewpoints by students, support of

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