Crimes and Punishments

Abortion, informed consent requirement

Abortion, performance of in relation to fetal heartbeat detection

Abortion, prohibition at 20 weeks of fetal development

Abortion, ultrasound requirements

Abuse, exploitation, and neglect, definition and penalties

Adam Walsh Act, provisions for compliance

Alternative nicotine, tobacco, vapor products, prohibit purchases by minors

Alternative nicotine, tobacco, vapor products, purchases by minors, prohibition of

Animal cruelty, mental state requirements for

Assault in the third degree, attempt against a private security officer eligible for conviction of

Asset forfeiture, disposal of methamphetamine contaminated vehicles

Automated business record falsification devices or zappers, possession prohibited

Beekeeping, remediation of illegal activities relating to

Behavior analysts, mental health professionals, include in Juvenile Code

Booking photograph, use for commercial purpose with removal fee, prohibition

Business entity criminal liability, applicability of

Capital sentencing system, omnibus revisions to

"Cheat," definition of and penalty for

Child pornography, inclusion as sex crime

Commercial quadricycles, operating without inspection

Concealed carry, authority in domestic violence situations

Concealed carry deadly weapons, licenses from other states

Concealed carry deadly weapons, licenses from other states, training reciprocity for new residents

Concealed carry deadly weapons, licenses from other states, validity

Concealed carry deadly weapons, validity from other states

Concealed deadly weapon, retired peace officer, permission to carry statewide with license

Conditions of supervision, option of alcohol monitoring device

Conditions of supervision, option of continuous alcohol monitoring

Controlled substances, penalties and protocols relating to

Correctional facilities, payments, processes, and prohibitions relating to

Crime victims' employment leave and confidentiality, requirements for

Criminal record, used for a commercial purpose requiring removal fee, prohibition against

Cruelty to animals, forfeiture and ownership provisions

Cruelty to animals, indolent in fighting activities

Cruelty to animals, involvement in fighting activities

Deadly force, use of in domestic violence situations

Death penalty costs, creation of task force

Death penalty, replace with life imprisonment without parole

Disabled parking violations, increased penalties for second and subsequent offenses

DNA, sample collection at arraignment, requirement for

DNA, sample collection requirement for

Dogs and cats, neglect, create penalties

Domestic violence and abuse, stalking, definition of

DUI, admissibility of controlled substance testing

DUI, penalties imposed

DUI, per se level reduced from 0.08 to 0.05

DUI service fee, amount and usage of

E-cigarettes, prohibit sales, distribution, and possession by minors

Electronic communication, include as harassing communication

Expunge charge or conviction, result of human trafficking

Expunged criminal records, allow inspection when required by federal or state law or regulation

Expungement and criminal records; eligibility, process, standards, and protections

Expungement and criminal records, eligibility, process, standards, and protections

Expungement and criminal records; eligibility, process, standards, and protections

Expungement of records, criminal history

Expungements, alter requirements for

Felons' voting rights, constitutional amendment to provide

Firearms, federal prohibitions, invalidate

Firearms, unlawful possession of, illegal aliens

Gross misdemeanant, creation of

Harassing communications, expansion of crime, and means of communication

Heroin, trafficking in

Heroin trafficking, penalties and release authority relating to

Ignition interlock license, provisions for

Incite to riot, elements of crime, gender-neutral language

Indoor smoking, prohibiting, exceptions, penalties

Interference on an agricultural operation, create prohibitions involving

Juvenile courts, public proceedings, pilot project

Kentucky Capital Punishment Integrity Task Force, establishment of

Manslaughter, inclusion of criminal abuse within scope of offense

Medical cannabis, authorization and regulation of

Medical parole, prisoners with substantial or chronic conditions, provision for

Minors, tobacco products sales, include electronic cigarettes

Motor vehicle insurance violation, electronic notification of county attorney

Motor vehicle insurance violation, electronic notification of county attorney and sheriff

Motor vehicle insurance violation, threshold for

Multiple unrelated misdemeanors or violations, expungement permitted

Murder of a police officer or sheriff, penalty for

Non-consensual pornography, distribution of

Non-violent crimes, affirmative defense, human trafficking victim

Orders for parole, victim request for review by Governor

Overdoses, Good Samaritan immunity for reporting of

Pardon Board, proposed creation of

Parental rights, loss of, felony conviction

Parole for prisoners with substantial or chronic medical conditions, provision for

Passenger alcohol consumption, prohibitions relating to

Persistent offenders, life without parole

Personal communication device use by minor driver, fines, increase of

Possession of controlled substances, mandatory drug treatment and community service

Prisoners, information on assaults committed by

Probation for public employee or officer convicted of corruption, prohibit

Protective orders, extension of

Public assistance benefits, prohibited purchases

Public defenders, caseload management and programmatic support

Public transportation, offenses against user or operator of

Racial impact statement, legislation, preparation for

Rape and sodomy, definition

Rape, child visitation and parental rights, denial of

Restraining order, victim of sex offense, issuance of

Saliva, driving under the influence

Sentences for multiple Class A, B, or C felonies to run consecutively

Sex offender registration, change in requirements for

Sexual abuse, lack of consent not an element between minor and person in position of special trust

Sexual offense defendant, when HIV testing required

Shock probation, prohibit, DUI death

Strangulation, establish offense of

Strangulation, offense of

Synthetic drugs, increase penalties for possession and trafficking of

Texting while driving, fines, increase of

Tobacco, electronic cigarettes, minors, sales prohibitions

Trafficking near a school, specification of qualifying school buildings

Trespass, simplified remedy for elderly and vulnerable

Vapor products, prohibit sales, distribution, and possession by minors

Vapor products tobacco alternatives, restrict sales distribution to minors

Voyeurism, undergarments not publicly visible

Youthful offender sentencing and treatment, applicability of violent offender sentencing

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